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Avant-Garde DJ Actually Will get The Dance Ground Pondering

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MIAMI—A crowded nightclub reportedly erupted into contemplation Friday after an avant-garde DJ actually received the complete dance ground considering. “When that crazy-ass meditative soundscape dropped, all people on the ground simply began ruminating like wild,” stated nightclub patron Lydia Wallace, including that she and her mates had lined up outdoors the nightclub a number of hours earlier than it opened to make sure they wouldn’t miss pondering the deconstructive but citational nature of DJ [ // &&& // ]’s sounds. “I instantly began having all these associations—it was so fucking profound, ? God, I like popping out to the membership and simply standing for hours whereas I query my presuppositions. I used to be reflecting on the character of being, of music, of artwork. And it felt so good to be surrounded by that sweaty, pensive crowd all pondering as one physique. Man, I'm mulling like loopy.” At press time, witnesses confirmed the gang had gone completely introspective when the avant-garde DJ yelled for everybody to place their arms on their chins to suppose.


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