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By Damian Jennings – Monday, March 14, 2022

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In a uncommon interview, Yigal Meskia shares with us tales about his begin in magic, how he bought into Loops, and extremely helpful recommendations on thread work.

For extra details about his work, try https://yigalmesika.com

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The Insider: Howdy and welcome to this week's episode of The Insider, delivered to you, and that is going to sound actually bizarre, nevertheless it's delivered to you by Vanishing Inc. I do know, only for a change. My visitor in the present day strikes issues and makes them float. And he is completed that for a jolly, jolly very long time. It is Yigal Mesika. Yigal, how are you this afternoon?

Yigal Mesika: Hey, I am good, thanks. How's it going Damian?

The Insider: Superb. However it's a fast present. There isn't any time for pleasantries. What's your magic origin story? You have bought 27 seconds.

Yigal Mesika: Properly, I bought into magic once I was 10 years previous. My mother took me to a spread present and the entire performers, I forgot who they're, or what they do, however one man simply bought into my thoughts. He was a magician. And once I seen it once I was a boy, I assumed that is actual. Did not know what's magic methods. And that type of impressed me. After I seen it, I felt like, “Wow, life has a lot to supply.” It simply confirmed me a way of marvel.
The Insider: Yeah. Yeah.

Yigal Mesika: And I assumed this man can do every little thing attainable.

The Insider: Do you bear in mind something that he did?

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. The primary issues that actually bought me, he produced doves. I forgot about that part. However ultimately he vanish all of the doves. He says, “I will provide the doves as a present.” So he coated the cage with the material and he maintain the cage with the dove and toss it away. They usually all gone and I assumed, “Wow, that is fascinating.”

The Insider: Wow, cool.

Yigal Mesika: And that is bought me.

The Insider: That is actually cool that you just bear in mind the specifics.

Yigal Mesika: And you already know what? The humorous factor, a couple of 12 months later, I discover out that this magician was dwelling in my neighborhood, and he had a warehouse the place he constructed all of the magics. And he requested my buddies and me to assist him out in the future. And as we assist him out and we bought one magic trick, each and I attempted it at school, all people liked it. And I turned his apprentice. And I got here day-after-day after college to assist him crafting magic and studying concerning the course of, how one can invent and how one can develop and how one can produce. And that is what I did all my childhood.

The Insider: Oh man. That is so cool. The man that impressed you, you ended up studying from. That is superb and uncommon.

Yigal Mesika: And he was probably the most well-known magician in Israel. His title is Faust, and he was one of many pioneers, he has all type of illusions and that is what he did for a dwelling. And as a boy, I appeared him up and I felt like, “Wow, you are able to do dwelling out of being a magician. And that is what impressed me.

The Insider: That is so cool. Let's discuss concerning the artwork of levitation, how and why did you get into it? Who impressed you to comply with that path?

Yigal Mesika: That is an ideal query. The primary issues I seen was a Finn Jon video once I was about 14 and my English, I did not know even how one can say good morning or good night. I used to be very younger and my English was damaged. And once I seen his video, he defined how one can do the floating invoice, and various things. However at the moment, magic was secretive. So he did not train even with a rubber band or one thing seen, so you'll be able to see it, and the video did not include Loops, so I did not have the Loops. However as I am watching this, I felt like the reason is spectacular because the magic.

Yigal Mesika: And I did not know the way it's completed, however a good friend of mine had one bundle of Loops and he has one final loop. And once I went to his home and he confirmed me that I used to be very fascinated and once I maintain it and it simply snap out of my hand, I felt so terribly sorry. And I discover a means how one can make Loops myself as a result of I all the time, since I used to be a boy, I used to be growing and making these issues and what occurred, I heard that it is attainable to get it out of stocking from the women. So I took my mother's stocking and I begin to break it aside, begin taking strings. After which I tie it a way and began this fashion and that means I play with all of it day lengthy until I discovered a approach to make one loop. Then as I am taking part in with that…

The Insider: Dangle on. That was in the future? You found out that…

Yigal Mesika: Yeah, it took time. I instructed my good friend, “Hey, don't fret. I am going to get you that loop that I broke, I'll get it again to you.” So I make lengthy story brief once I bought into the stocking and I bought one loop and I made it and I got here per week later to him and I get him bunch of Loops and he liked it. He was so shocked and so amazed. And he was very amazed how I with the ability to tie it to make a loop, however out of his amazement and different buddies, amazement, I felt like, “Wow, I am into one thing that I do not even know I knew it.

The Insider: You have bought one thing.

Yigal Mesika: However to me it was easy, to me it was, “What is the large deal?” After which as I see the reactions, I bought extra into that. After which I begin to taking part in with all of it day lengthy, shifting forks and spoons, and begin to play with the anti pack and completely different vibrations as a result of I've no person to show me. So I needed to provide you with my very own concepts. And as I come into my very own concepts…

The Insider: What age was this?

Yigal Mesika: I used to be 14 years previous. Solely few years in the past.

The Insider: Final week. Yeah.

Yigal Mesika: So lengthy. Cannot imagine it. Nearly 30 years… Yeah, greater than 30 years in the past.

The Insider: So you might be fairly remoted then, in Israel and there was no person else doing that type of work? Thread work.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. Magic was extremely popular in a means of the stage magic. All people did packing containers and illusions, doves was extremely popular, dove act. And I used to be as a boy doing traditional magic. All of the flowers and the silks and producing various things. And that was issues that I like to do. However the thread work was simply the facet each day issues you are able to do for audiences and have enjoyable simply as impromptu results. And as I am doing that, and I understand individuals love that and I get a lot good reactions and that is bought me one concept, spark one other concept. And that is bought me concerned into doing shut up, very up shut magic. That appeared as actual, as actual magic. And as I'm going through the years, I understand, “Wow, it isn't that I had a imaginative and prescient since I used to be a boy. And I used to be like, okay, let's try this.” It is one concept, spark one other concept. After which you end up discovering a style that I by no means considered.

The Insider: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I vividly, my uncle bought me into magic and bought me Royal highway once I was 11. So very very long time in the past. However once I was about 15, at one Christmas gathering, he floated a invoice for me. And I would by no means seen something prefer it. Now I do know that he'd anchored the thread to the deck and put the deck down and the thread was going there, however on the time I used to be like, “Properly, there is a thread.” After which he did this. I used to be like, “There is not any thread.” And so I am trying spherical and spherical like this and it is floating. And it felt the closest, to fifteen 12 months previous me, to actual magic as something I would ever skilled. Why do you assume it's that it hits that arduous? That it nonetheless offers me goose bumps serious about that reminiscence now, a very long time in the past. So why do you assume levitation resonates and hits so arduous with peculiar individuals?

Yigal Mesika: I believe there may be many solutions to that, however to attempt to make it easy, it is so visually robust and it matches all languages. You possibly can communicate Chinese language or Hebrew or English and you'll nonetheless benefit from the visible. You are breaking the regulation of physics. Once you see one thing like that, that's utterly break all of the regulation of physics. And it is so superb that you just float one thing and also you present that there is no means that one thing connected to it. And it is create that second that you just expertise one thing new that you just by no means seen earlier than. And it hits so visually robust and it is commerce inconceivable. As a magician we create the inconceivable. And that is what it's.

The Insider: There you go.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah.

The Insider: Inform us concerning the historical past of Loops. So Finn Jon was the primary? So how did it go from that to the place we are actually?

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. Finn Jon is the inventor of Loops. I personal an enormous credit score for provide you with this good concept. And once I was younger, I provide you with my very own concepts, how one can make the Loops with higher high quality, with higher dealing with, with completely different results. And years later, I would been going to conventions and present it to magicians. They usually mentioned to me, “If you wish to make this fashionable, it's good to purchase permission from Finn Jon. And as soon as you purchase the permission, that will be nice. You possibly can promote it worldwide and you may make nice cash and make magician utilizing these superb issues.” And I assumed, “Wow, this can be a nice concept. I am going to give it a strive.” So I discover out that he has an agent. So I contact his agent and we talked and he says, “Okay, we will discuss extra about this.”

Yigal Mesika: And once I discuss to them concerning the pricing they usually've been keen to promote the rights to advertise this as a result of they love what I do. They usually felt I am actually passionate and really younger and Finn was very busy with doing performing and exhibits and his thoughts wasn't right into a product growth. He did not have the time and the sources, and that wasn't his ardour. So he was keen to promote me the rights to get unique rights worldwide and to start out manufacture that and promote it to magicians. So I felt very lucky to get the rights. And I bear in mind after I bought the rights and we signed the contract, I used to be younger. I used to be 21 years previous. So we went to a restaurant in Paris and we had a good time. And after we signed the contract and every little thing, I confirmed him some magic and every little thing I confirmed him was with Loops. After which he goes like, “Oh my God, do not inform me you probably did it with Loops now.” And I am like, that is all I have been utilizing is Loops. And he is like…

The Insider: So dangle on, you fooled the creator of Loops.

Yigal Mesika: No, no, it wasn't Finn Jon, it was his agent.

The Insider: By utilizing Loops.

Yigal Mesika: It was his agent.

The Insider: Ah, ah, okay.

Yigal Mesika: He was actually shocked that the entire issues he can do with Loops, shifting completely different heavy objects and the haunted deck and actually with this invisible power, so invisible, you'll be able to transfer heavy object and do superb issues. And he was like, “Wow, I could not imagine that you are able to do all these issues.” In order that was thrilling, that he give me the inexperienced gentle to share these concepts, and being amazed and admire it as nicely.

The Insider: Yeah, completely. Yeah. I believe most likely all people listening to this and magicians all world wide have tried out, have performed along with your Loops, from professionals to hobbyists, TV work all world wide, all the way down to any person's home, doing a haunted deck on the finish of the evening. How does it really feel to have produced one thing so insanely fashionable that has lasted the take a look at of time? What does that really feel like?

Yigal Mesika: That is a great query. To be trustworthy, I begin doing it since I used to be a boy, and once I was 21, I begin promoting it. So it was very thrilling first to get the permission from somebody that it was like my hero, once I watch Finn Jon, he was the godfather of invisible thread. And I liked with the shared after which being a part of that and permit to share magic of magicians, worldwide and see their appreciations. It is all the time make me really feel nice. And I really feel grateful and blessed to be a part of this journey. It is tough to explain in a phrase how comfortable I'm with this. However it's permitting me additionally with time to discover completely different concepts and to increase on that discipline.

The Insider: Totally different concepts? Totally different concepts… That is going to be actually good for audio listeners, completely different concepts like this little chap right here, your Spider Pen X. Now it's slim, it is elegant. And it is very intelligent.

Yigal Mesika: Thanks.

The Insider: Are you able to discuss us by way of the journey from the unique Spider Pen? When did that come out? I used to be younger.

Yigal Mesika: That got here out in 2004, 2005.

The Insider: 2004, proper. Okay. So discuss us by way of the journey from that one in 2004 to this one right here now.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. So I'll go slightly bit again so individuals can get a way of historical past. Earlier than the spider pen, was one thing referred to as ITR, invisible thread reel, which been extremely popular and each magician has one and I had one as nicely once I was younger, once I was about 15, 16, I used to be exploring with this concept and I used to be performing lots. And I had technical difficulties when the thread was very seen and it is breaking, and it is a nightmare to repair it. However general, the idea was nice. So with the heroes, I all the time thought, “Would not it's nice if it one thing extra invisible or one thing less difficult, and if it breaks you'll be able to repair it shortly.” And so forth and on and on.

Yigal Mesika: And once I bought into product growth and dealing with threads, I would been taking part in in the future with invisible thread reel that was exist on one thing in the marketplace. After which I mentioned, “Would not it's nice if it could be electronics.” In order I am taking part in with one concept, I believe it was, I attempted to suit it right into a cylinder. Okay. After which the cylinder bought smaller and when it bought smaller, I noticed, “Wow, that is seems to be nice.” Very small, however what what would I do with that? How can I make the thing extra like a each day object that individuals can…

The Insider: Natural.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. Natural. After which I mentioned, “Oh, this appeared like a cap, like a cap of a pen.” So let's put a clip to it…
The Insider: Was that it? Was that the second?

Yigal Mesika: So I put the clip to it after which I bought the pen and I could not push the pen inside. So I mentioned, “How can I push the pen contained in the cap?” After which I bear in mind once I was a boy, once I had a fancy dress with a type of a fighter or one thing, and I had a knife, that the knife was springy. So I made the pen type of springy. So once you push it into the cap, make lengthy story brief. I got here up with the primary variation and I bought it to magicians and the response was phenomenal and all people liked it. And I noticed that I am as much as one thing. And as I am promoting many, I begin to develop it and get it higher and higher and higher. And for 15 years or extra, it has been all the time refinement, refinement when it comes to the standard, when it comes to the efficiency, when it comes to the consequences, all of these years enable me to do this.

The Insider: Proper.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. And the brand new one is all like utterly completely different degree.

The Insider: It truly is as a result of one of many…

Yigal Mesika: I felt I went slightly bit…

The Insider: With nothing however love, the primary one ate batteries like I eat chocolate and I would neglect to show it off. And I come again and it might be like, “Oh man, I simply needed to do it. And now, there is no batteries. And I have not bought any of the silly little batteries that you just wanted.” Was it tough to unravel that drawback with this? Had been you sat there pondering, how can I repair the battery drawback?

Yigal Mesika: Yeah, that was… Oh, wow. That was many sleepless nights, years of growth to make this occurring as a result of the brand new one has a microchip that is aware of once you… It has no switches. So you can not neglect or want to recollect any click on on button just like the previous one. The previous one is digital. The brand new one is digital. It does not have any button, does not have any switches. You pull the thread, it is activate the motor. It provide the previous retractions. It is virtually like you may have an enormous loop or ITR, however works
The Insider: Like a loop.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. You possibly can pull as much as 40 ft. And when it comes again, it shuts off by itself. You do not have to click on on something. So doing the software program, doing the electronics, doing the slickness of the pen, doing the entire product growth, the consequences, every little thing, takes years of refinement and exploring so many concepts and prototypes to get it the place it's. I may do one thing just like the iPhone and yearly promoting one other sort of iPhone, however I am not there to get the magician cash. Yeah, in fact I am comfortable to make extra revenue. However on the identical time, I need to give one of the best of the highest quality. One thing that wasn't there for me once I was a boy. After I was a boy, I seen quite a lot of promoting that was false promoting that me as a magician, that making merchandise, once I was a boy, I did these magic for myself as a result of my mother and father could not purchase me any magic as a result of we did not know if there was any magic store.

Yigal Mesika: And so I needed to discover and develop these magic for myself out of necessity. So once I begin to develop these issues, I noticed what's good high quality, what's a foul high quality. And once I purchased one thing and I've to spend $200 or $300, that wasn't precisely what the advertising mentioned it's, it was very disappointing. So once I begin making magic, I did not need individuals to really feel that have. I needed to be so comfortable that once they get my product, they've three months assure. If they do not prefer it, for any motive, they get the cash again. No query requested. That is my coverage for the final seven years.

The Insider: It is the boldness that you've in what you are placing out available in the market.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. I am doing it for the final seven years. On the web site, there's a assertion. You should purchase the merchandise worldwide, any store. If you're not comfortable for any motive, you get the cash again. No query requested. And I need individuals to even purchase two of them, have one which use on a regular basis and one other one backup simply in case you misplaced one. And it is an ideal feeling. From all that seven years, I get just one return. Just one return in seven years.

The Insider: That is testomony to the standard of the product you set out. Is not it actually? That is superb. As I've bought you, can we get into some specifics about thread? What do you assume are some frequent errors that individuals make when working with thread, initially?

Yigal Mesika: I believe the primary mistake that individuals do, they float an object they usually neglect… It is tough to elucidate, however I see two sort of magicians, somebody who floated one thing, and it looks like actually occurring for actual, is absolutely floating it. And also you get pleasure from it as a viewers and you are feeling like, “Wow, that is so superb.” You do not need to even know the way it's completed. You simply get pleasure from that actual magic. After which I see one other sort of magicians that doing the identical impact with the identical hinder hyperlink, with the identical two hyperlink. However you already know there's something, you already know there's a thread or there's something and you are feeling like, “Eh, this can be a trick.” And the large distinction is it is virtually just like the magician that doing it one of the best is the one who forgetting the thread and specializing in the magic. So the thread shouldn't be there.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah, you'll be able to see it. It's important to act prefer it's not there to your facial expressions, to your physique expression, every little thing it's a must to talk that it is actually floating. And when you sign that individuals begin to telegraph that type of backwards and forwards bouncing type of telecommunication. After which they really feel like that is actually occurring. However in case you seem like you look this fashion and that means on the string and also you throw it and also you begin to act that means, it simply does not look the identical.

The Insider: Sport over.

Yigal Mesika: So the primary is to neglect the thread.

The Insider: Yeah. So that you imagine your self that it is actually occurring.

Yigal Mesika: To neglect that utterly, I do know it is tough, type of to trick your self, however you are doing it for a objective of entertaining. It isn't such as you saying, “Oh, take a look at me. I've a supernatural energy and now I can heal you.” It isn't that. We're doing it for simply enjoyment and pleasure, to create a way of marvel.

The Insider: After all.

Yigal Mesika: So I believe it is okay to misinform ourself, to see that it is actually floating. And it is superb for one second or two seconds and create that particular second.

The Insider: For any person new to string, that is listening to this, how do you're employed out or know whether or not the lighting setting is acceptable so that you can try this type of work?

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. I believe it depends upon the equipment. In case you use Loops, it is safer than utilizing different equipment. Spider pen has the best invisible thread. It matches virtually each surrounding of lights, however typically there's a gentle that replicate, and it has quite a lot of reflection. Flower scent is nice as a result of it has that diffusion. So it is extra deemed. So once I go to a room, I look, I see the sunshine and once I pull the string, I see if it has quite a lot of reflection or not, if it has a mirrored image…

The Insider: So that you really do some take a look at.

Yigal Mesika: After all. Yeah.

The Insider: Say it is a loop. You will do some take a look at and go searching, verify the setting and then you definately'll know the place to place your self.

Yigal Mesika: Completely. Yeah. There may be some completely different guidelines and concepts that you should utilize that may assist you diffuse the invisible thread, make it extra invisible. In a means that permit's say, if use Loops, you should utilize a shirt that has some diffusion, prefer it's texture.
The Insider: Like a patterned shirt?

Yigal Mesika: Sure, precisely. In order that's diffuse, the sunshine from not seeing the thread or typically if I transfer an object, I'll do it on the ground as a result of normally the ground has quite a lot of distraction, shouldn't be easy. So I'll do it on the ground. If I transfer the glasses or I transfer the fork or I do the haunted deck, normally do not do it down the ground. However with lighting, my primary rule, keep 5 ft away from the sunshine. If the sunshine above keep 5 ft, both ahead or backwards from the sunshine. If the sunshine is go above the top, shouldn't be good as a result of it is replicate on the thread. However in case you keep 5 ft backwards or ahead, you might be in a greater stage.

The Insider: Excellent. That is a implausible tip. If you find yourself out on the bar or buddies for the dinner or one thing, what's your go to, what's your favourite factor to do?

Yigal Mesika: That is a tricky query. I've few. I've bunch.

The Insider: You should have one that you just do greater than others, Yigal.

Yigal Mesika: I like to start out with one thing that fits the second or the setting. As an instance if somebody, they ask me, “Hey, are you able to hand me this serviette please?” So I am going to say, “Hey, can I present you one thing with that serviette?” After which I'd do one thing with the serviette. And it looks like it is up and out of the blue. And it isn't staged. It isn't like, “Let me present you one thing.” And if somebody that maintain these glasses in his hand and take a look at them and I am going to say, “Hey, can I borrow the glasses, I need to present you one thing particular.” After which I'll do the issues with the glasses and go like, “Oh my God,” he'll know that I wasn't ready. I simply did it spontaneously.

The Insider: Yeah. And so you'll soar off no matter's occurring within the setting.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. I like to search out that second that give me the correct begin. But when I am up there to do magic, like stalling magic or get pleasure from, and being as a performer, I even typically like to start out that too, wish to borrow one thing that they've of their fingers, or simply to seize a pen and say, “Hey, are you able to please maintain that pen? Let me present one thing attention-grabbing that you just by no means seen earlier than.” After which I'll get into it, construct up the presentation, after which transfer the pen out of their hand or do one thing that go like, “Wow, that is superb.” And segue into one thing else.

The Insider: Excellent.

Yigal Mesika: However I haven't got a trick that I do not like. If I do not prefer it, I would not do it.

The Insider: Honest sufficient. Honest sufficient. Ridiculous query, actually. Oh, Yigal, what excites you about magic in the present day? Aside from clearly your individual product?

Yigal Mesika: What's excites me. Properly, I see quite a lot of YouTube's movies about many women that once I grew up, I have not seen any girl magicians. And now I see this women doing fascinating, they've such a tremendous slight of fingers and good displays. And I really feel just like the technology of magic ought to have each women and guys doing magic.

The Insider: I utterly agree.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. It is cool to see completely different individuals styling. I really feel just like the younger technology have extra interesting of one thing extra trendy, fitter with time. When, I began magic, it was all tuxedo, it was black and white, it was the flowers and the silks. And all of this sort of gone. And I really feel like we're entering into the zone of utilizing each day objects and utilizing issues that persons are conversant in. And it isn't some alien objects.

The Insider: Form of bizarre…

Yigal Mesika: And it is nice. As a result of there's quite a lot of superb younger magicians that doing these issues, that appears so actual, that the viewers appreciated and that is excite me to see that technology shifting ahead in that fashion.
The Insider: Completely. I utterly agree. As the daddy of a seven 12 months previous little lady who's into magic, I utterly agree. What's subsequent? Are you able to inform us something about what you are engaged on now?

Yigal Mesika: Oh that is a tricky one.

The Insider: Or is all of it high secret? No, It is simply you and me. Nobody else is listening. It is simply us Yigal. What's subsequent?

Yigal Mesika: Wow. I am working one thing new that can hit the market hopefully in a pair months. However I can say that it isn't associated to invisible thread work. Yeah.

The Insider: Ooh, there is a scoop.

Yigal Mesika: Yeah. One thing new, however I believe in a means it has some type of, it is tough to say with out giving an excessive amount of, It has one thing that associated in a approach to threads, nevertheless it's not invisible thread, nevertheless it's actually good. I really feel like that is going to be appreciated with quite a lot of magician as a result of it is a traditional merchandise. That is improvements on a traditional merchandise that been completed, however in a means that it is all new once more. Yeah. And I am unable to wait to place it up.

The Insider: What a bomb shell to finish on Yigal, we all the time end the present with 4 fast fireplace questions. Are you prepared?

Yigal Mesika: Positive.

The Insider: Favourite pizza topping?

Yigal Mesika: Mushrooms.

The Insider: Favourite individual or individuals who make music?

Yigal Mesika: Hmm. Peter Gabriel or Coldplay.

The Insider: Favourite film?

Yigal Mesika: Hmm. True Romance.

The Insider: That is a great movie. And at last, who would you fairly struggle? One large Andi Gladwin or 100 tiny Joshua Jays.
Yigal Mesika: You already know the reply. The primary one. Yeah.

The Insider: Yigal, thanks a lot for giving us a lot of your time and sharing such invaluable data with our listeners.

Yigal Mesika: Oh, thanks, Damian, for permitting me to share the data along with your magician viewers. It was an honor and I hope we will discuss once more quickly.

The Insider: You're taking care. Beautiful to see you.

Yigal Mesika: Superior. Cheers. Thanks.

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