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Physician Who: Sea Devils, Silurians, Madame Vastra Defined


The Age of Homo Reptilia

The Physician’s two largest bads, the Daleks and the Cybermen, every characterize attainable futures for humanity. The Daleks are principally people which are consumed by racism to the purpose they only wish to sit in a jar and drive round an indignant tank. Cybermen are people who've changed all of the meaty bits with expertise till there’s no precise human left.

However whereas Sea Devils and Silurians have by no means regarded remotely human, not like Daleks and (most) Cybermen, they aren’t alien both.

The thought is that earlier than people advanced, reptiles advanced sentient, bipedal humanoids who constructed their very own technologically superior civilisation. Now at floor degree, that is a type of ridiculous premises you simply form of should swallow for those who’re a Physician Who fan, just like the Earth spontaneously rising a forest in a single day to keep off photo voltaic flares, or a robotic made out of sweets, however it’s not as far out because it sounds.

Lately researchers at Cambridge College did a examine (known as, aptly, “The Silurian Speculation”) that requested how a lot proof such a civilisation would depart for palaeontologists, and the reply is “It’d in all probability be indistinguishable from a volcanic super-eruption or pure local weather change”.

Doctor Who Legend of the Sea Devils

When this occurred in Physician Who historical past is a query solely considerably much less confused than “When had been all of the Jon Pertwee tales with UNIT set?” The primary homo reptilians the Physician encounters are known as “Silurians”, after the Silurian interval, inserting them between 443.8 million years in the past and 419.2 million years in the past, and their first story contains a globe that exhibits Earth to have just one continent, inserting it not less than 200 million years in the past.

Nevertheless, within the Sea Devils’ first story, the Physician means that Eocenes can be a extra correct identify, relationship them roughly 55 million to 35 million years in the past. This locations them after the extinction of the dinosaurs (which they had been purported to co-exist with them) and earlier than the “primitive apes” they speak about, which might ultimately grow to be people. This idea we will in all probability put all the way down to ‘A variety of the time the Physician doesn’t know what they’re speaking about’.



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