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Skeeter From The Muppets Disappeared And No One Is aware of Why


When you’re unlikely to examine this within the information, and the police have but to arrest a single furry googly-eyed creature, there's a mysterious disappearance you need to all concentrate on: Skeeter the Muppet. 

Jim Henson Productions

Again within the ‘80s, folks have been so Muppet-crazed, they even cared about what these loveable anarchists bought as much as once they have been literal infants. Which is why Jim Henson and Marvel (yup, that Marvel) teamed-up to provide us the Saturday morning cartoon Muppet Infants. 

On reflection, the beloved child’s sequence simply made the already complicated Muppet continuity borderline incomprehensible, beginning with the truth that they have been all raised in a nondescript dwelling by a “Nanny” who is rarely seen from the neck up. Judging from her Muppet Wiki photograph, it's because she was actually some form of headless monstrosity straight from the bowels of hell itself. 

Jim Henson Productions

Or a leftover design from Muppet Sleepy Hole.

Muppet Infants additionally launched the character of Skeeter, twin sister of Scooter, who later confirmed up in … not a single Muppet film or TV present. 

Yeah, even though she was part of the Muppet gang once they have been toddlers, apparently one thing occurred to her following the occasions of Muppet Infants – probably one thing horrible. Over time, a handful of Muppet creators have been requested about this, and nobody appears to have supplied a conclusive reply. 



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