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Methods to do anti-gravity water trick? » Boomerang Magic

Are you able to think about turning a glass of water the other way up with out spilling the water? In regular circumstances, water obeys the principles of gravity and falls. Nevertheless, we are able to use the ideas of air strain and floor rigidity to make water defy gravity. That is precisely what occurs on this wonderful magic trick. Learn on to be taught how one can carry out a cool anti-gravity water trick.

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Trick 1 – LXG Design

On this anti-gravity water magic trick, LXG Design won't solely make water defy gravity however will even the allow toothpicks to take action. Let’s see how it may be carried out.


  • A glass bottle
  • Water
  • A bit of plastic sheet
  • Toothpicks
  • Marker
  • A pair of scissors (or cutter)


  1. Place the bottle (the other way up) on the plastic sheet.
  2. Draw a circle (with a marker) across the opening of the bottle on the plastic sheet.
  3. Use a pair of scissors to chop out the plastic circle. Place it on the opening of the bottle to confirm its dimension.
  4. Then, make a gap in its heart that needs to be large enough for a toothpick to cross via it.
  5. Now, fill the bottle with water and you're all set to carry out the trick.
  6. Place the plastic circle across the opening of the water bottle and maintain it there together with your fingers.
  7. Invert the bottle and look forward to a number of seconds earlier than retracting your fingers from the bottle’s opening. The water won't spill out.
  8. After that, insert a few toothpicks via the outlet within the plastic circle. They are going to journey via the water to the underside of the bottle (which is on the high proper now).
  9. Shake the bottle barely to finish this gravity trick. This may make the water rush out of the bottle because the steadiness between air strain and floor rigidity is disturbed.

Trick 2 – Steve and Juliana from Jefferson Lab

Within the subsequent anti-gravity water trick, Steve and Juliana from Jefferson Lab clarify the key behind gravity-defying water. Preserve studying to be taught this straightforward however efficient magic trick.


  • A jar
  • Water
  • A card
  • Display mesh
  • Scorching glue
  • Knife/Cutter


  1. Start by making use of some scorching glue to the opening of the jar.
  2. Earlier than the glue can cool, press the opening of the jar down on to the display. (Be sure that to essentially press down exhausting.)
  3. Trim the surplus a part of the display off. You need it to be the very same dimension because the opening and never simply noticeable, so be certain it's flesh with the jar.
  4. Fill the jar with some water and place a card over the opening.
  5. Flip the jar over and launch the cardboard.
  6. The cardboard will keep as a replacement because the water received’t come out of the jar.
  7. Now, take away the cardboard and the water will nonetheless not pour out. It's because the floor rigidity created by the mesh retains it from flowing.

Trick 3 – Sick Science

Sick Science’s gravity-defying water experiment makes use of a easy demonstration for instance the extraordinary bodily properties of water.


  • A glass
  • Water
  • A bit of fabric (handkerchief, T-shirt, and so on.)
  • A bowl (optionally available)


  1. Put the material over the glass.
  2. Push the material down into the glass to create space for pouring the water.
  3. Fill three-quarters of the glass with water.
  4. Then, seize the material (on the edges of the glass) and maintain it tightly across the glass.
  5. Now, place one in every of your arms over the opening of the glass and flip it over with the opposite hand. It’s advisable to carry out this step whereas preserving a bowl beneath the glass.
  6. After that, retreat the hand that's overlaying the glass’s opening. The material will keep in place and the water received’t come out.

Trick 4 – Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans’ gravity-defying water trick makes use of air strain. It is vitally straightforward to carry out. Right here’s the way to do it.


  • A glass
  • Water
  • A laminated postcard


  1. Put some water into the glass.
  2. Place the postcard over the opening of the glass.
  3. Flip the glass the other way up whereas holding the postcard together with your different hand.
  4. Launch the postcard after a few seconds and it'll maintain its place. It's because the air strain is powerful sufficient to counter the power exerted by the water on the postcard.

The Backside Line

Water and gravity have an inseparable relationship until you resolve to make use of air strain to counter the gravitational pull. A few of the mentioned strategies additionally use the phenomenon of floor rigidity to execute the phantasm.So what are you ready for? Give this water levitation trick some reps and rock the subsequent social gathering. When you have of a great anti-gravity trick, please be happy to share it with us within the feedback part.

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