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Nation Tells Ravenous Afghanis To Simply Shut Up


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WASHINGTON—Rolling their eyes as requests for meals and support continued to pour in from the famine-ravaged nation, the U.S. populace reportedly instructed ravenous Afghani civilians Wednesday to only shut up, as a result of Individuals not cared about them and sufficient was sufficient already. “Ugh, first you’re whining about the way you need meals, and now you’re droning on and on about everlasting financial collapse—give it a fucking relaxation, okay?” stated 48-year-old Massachusetts resident Barry Kingston, who echoed the precise sentiment of all 330 million U.S. residents when he defined that he had moved on from occupied with the 20-year occupation and possibly it was time for Afghanistan to do the identical factor. “We’re targeted on different stuff now, and we’re frankly sick of your nonstop blah, blah, blah about the way you’re being brutally oppressed by a violent regime. Can’t you perceive we don’t give a shit anymore? Some international locations would have taken a touch by now, however no, not Afghanistan!” The American individuals went on to comment that it was as if Afghanis didn’t notice there was now an precise European nation affected by widespread atrocities.



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