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Find out how to do magic methods with numbers » Boomerang Magic


Magic methods with numbers are extremely handy to carry out as a result of most of them don’t require any props. Most of those illusions use sure ideas of arithmetic to distract the thoughts of the viewers (and shock them). On this article, we can be instructing some superior magic methods with numbers that individuals of all ages can study.

Random numbers forming a sphere on the woman's hand magic trick with numbers

Magic trick with numbers guessing

Do you need to study easy methods to learn somebody’s thoughts with math? Learn on as this math equation magic trick will allow you to do exactly that.

Directions for the magic trick with numbers guessing

  1. Ask your buddy (or somebody within the viewers) to assume an entire quantity between 1 and 9 and hold it of their thoughts. Let’s say they select 4.
  2. Inform them to multiply it by 2. The end result will turn into 8.
  3. Then, ask them so as to add 10 to it. The entire will now turn into 18.
  4. Now, inform your volunteer to divide the end result by 2. This may depart us with 9.
  5. Lastly, ask them to subtract the unique quantity (4) from the end result. This may depart us with 5.
  6. Reveal the reply to shock everybody along with your mind-reading expertise.

Guess the age trick

It's a kind of cool magic methods with numbers which can be fairly simple to carry out. Nonetheless, it at all times has an amazing impact on the viewers and they're compelled to understand your mind-reading expertise. Right here’s how you are able to do it.

Directions for guess the age trick

  1. Inform the volunteer to select a quantity between 2 and 9 and hold it secret. For instance, 7 was chosen.
  2. Then, ask him/her to multiply it by 2. We may have 14.
  3. Add 5 to the entire to make it 19.
  4. Now, multiply the end result (19) by 50. The entire will turn into 950.
  5. After that, inform the volunteer so as to add 1771 to the reply if he/she has already celebrated the birthday. If that’s the case, the quantity will turn into 2721.
  6. In any other case, add 1770 and the quantity will turn into 2720. We are going to take this quantity for the reason.
  7. Lastly, ask the volunteer to subtract his/her start yr from the end result. Let’s say it was 1990. The reply can be 730.  
  8. Inform the viewers that the primary digit of the ensuing reply (730) is the quantity that was initially chosen whereas the final 2 digits characterize the present age of the volunteer.

NOTE: The quantity 1771 (or 1770) was chosen by subtracting 250 from the present yr (2021). Subsequently, chances are you'll have to replace it whereas performing the trick sooner or later.

The 1089 magic trick

This basic math magic trick wunwell at all times end result within the quantity 1089, no matter the 3-digit quantity you select. The one trick is to make it possible for the digits of the chosen quantity are in descending order. Because of this 1st digit > 2nd digit > 3rd digit.

NOTE: All of the digits can be between 1 and 9.

Supplies wanted for the 1089 magic trick:

Directions for easy math magic trick

  1. Ask your viewers to decide on any digit between 3 and 9. Let’s say they select 6.
  2. Now, inform them to decide on a digit smaller than the primary one. Assuming they choose 4, the quantity will turn into 64.
  3. Then, choose the threerd digit which needs to be smaller than each the others. For instance, we go together with 2. The primary quantity that now we have is 642.
  4. Now, reverse this quantity and you'll get 246 (second quantity).
  5. Subtract the second quantity from the primary quantity. In our instance, we can be left with 396 (first quantity).
  6. Repeat step 4 to get the second quantity (693).
  7. Add each these numbers to finish the wonderful magic of quantity 1089, which can be your reply. Reveal the reply and benefit from the applause.

The magic of the quantity 37

This cool math magic trick revolves round magic quantity 37. Maintain studying to know the key and study how one can attempt it with your mates.

Supplies wanted for the magic of the quantity 37:

Directions for cool math magic trick

  1. Ask a volunteer to secretly select a quantity between 1 and 9 and make a 3-digit quantity. For instance, if quantity 4 was chosen, the volunteer will write down 444 (first quantity).  
  2. Then, ask them so as to add the three digits with one another. In our case, we'll get 12 (second quantity).
  3. Now, inform them to divide the primary quantity with the second. The reply can be 37.
  4. Announce the reply and shock everybody within the viewers.

Shoe dimension magic trick with numbers

This trick is often known as the “shoe math magic” as a result of we use the shoe dimension to search out the age of a person. Sure, you learn that proper! Right here’s how you are able to do that.

Directions for the shoe dimension magic trick

  1. Ask the shoe dimension of a volunteer and inform him/her to multiply it by 5.Let’s say if the shoe dimension was 7, you'll get 35.
  2. Ask them so as to add 50 to the reply. The sum can be 85.
  3. Then, instruct the volunteer to multiply the end result (85) by 20. The quantity will now turn into 1700.
  4. Now, ask the volunteer if he/she has celebrated their birthday this yr. If the reply is sure, add 1021. In any other case, 1020. Let’s say the birthday has been celebrated, we may have 2721.
  5. After that, subtract the yr of start from the end result. If the volunteer is born in 1998, 723 (2721-1998) would be the reply. The primary digit represents the unique quantity that was chosen whereas the opposite two digits present the age of the volunteer.

NOTE: The quantity 1021 (or 1020) was chosen by subtracting 1000 from the present yr (2021). Subsequently, chances are you'll have to replace it whereas performing the trick sooner or later.

Magic methods utilizing quantity 9

There are a lot of magic methods with quantity 9. Nonetheless, we'll talk about a few actually cool ones you could carry out on the subsequent weekend celebration.

Gray elephant in Denmark magic trick with numbers

On this trick, you'll persuade the thoughts of the viewers to go alongside the strains you need them to assume. It's also known as the “gray elephant from Denmark” trick and also you shouldn’t reveal the identify of this trick till the phantasm is executed. Why? Learn on to search out out the rationale for this warning.

Directions for the gray elephant in Denmark trick

  1. Ask somebody within the viewers to consider a quantity between 1 and 10. The quantity ‘6’ is used within the video for example.
  2. Then, inform them to multiply that quantity by 9. They may have 54.
  3. Now, ask them so as to add the digits of the end result. This may depart us with 9 (5+4).
  4. Subtract 5 from that quantity. The quantity (4) that's left behind is the one with which we can be working.
  5. Inform the volunteer to match the quantity with an alphabet the place 1 represents A, 2 represents B, and so forth. As a result of now we have 4, they'll land at D.
  6. Ask them to consider a European nation that begins with that letter. This may lead us to Denmark.
  7. Then, ask the volunteer so as to add “1” to the quantity and match it with an alphabet. The numeric end result can be 5 which is able to correspond to E.
  8. Now, instruct them to consider a circus animal that begins with this letter. The elephant is the ensuing animal.
  9. Lastly, inform them to consider the colour of that animal, which can be gray.
  10. Announce that they're serious about a gray elephant from Denmark to finish the trick.

Addition prediction magic trick with numbers

This straightforward magic trick with numbers revolves across the quantity 9, however your viewers won't ever learn about it. They may discover this phantasm wonderful as a result of it appears utterly random proper until the tip not as a result of it’s a magic trick math equation. Right here’s how one can carry out it.

Supplies wanted for addition prediction magic trick:

  • A paper (with the end result written on it)
  • Pen and paper

Directions for the straightforward magic trick with numbers

  1. Inform the viewers that you've written your prediction on a chunk of paper. Put it apart the place it’s seen to everybody.
  2. Then, take out a contemporary piece of paper and write 4571 on it.
  3. Name out a volunteer and inform him/her to jot down any 4-digit quantity that needs to be added in 4571. Let’s say the quantity talked about is 6257.
  4. Now, it’s your flip to jot down a quantity. What you'll want to do is to jot down the quantity with which the sum of the final 2 digits at every slot turns into 9. In our instance, 6257 of the volunteer needs to be adopted by 3742.
  5. Subsequent, the volunteer will write one other 4-digit quantity. Let’s go together with 2935.
  6. Repeat step 4 and you'll write down 7064.
  7. Add all of the numbers to calculate the reply (24,569). The sum of the final 4 rows will at all times be 19,998 as a result of we made 2 teams of 9. Add them to the mounted quantity (4571) and you've got your end result.
  8. Now, ask the volunteer to unfold the paper with the prediction and benefit from the applause and their stunned reactions.  

The Backside Line

Magic methods with numbers will be an incredible addition to the ability set of any magician. So do you need to know easy methods to do magic methods with numbers? Properly, these illusions could appear fairly easy, however they've the flexibility to impress each single particular person within the viewers. So, what are you ready for? Study some cool math magic methods and turn into the star of your subsequent celebration!

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