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I Hate Methods, Or At Least The Phrase


 There's a phrase within the magic lexicon, that I frankly despise. In truth, I believe as annually passes I hate it extra. That phrase is ‘trick’ or ‘magic trick’. It makes what we do sound so low-cost. The phrase trick has destructive connotations. Nobody likes to be tricked. For instance:

  •         A crafty or skillful act or scheme supposed to deceive or outwit somebody.   
  •         A mischievous sensible joke
  •         An phantasm. (once more, not OUR kind of trick)   ‘I assumed I noticed a flicker of emotion, nevertheless it        was in all probability a trick of the sunshine’
  •   A skillful act carried out for leisure or amusement.

                 Worst but

  •         A prostitute's shopper.

Wanting over the listing, OUR kind of trick ranks 4th on the listing. Solely barely above, “a prostitutes shopper.” No surprise I hate the phrase trick.

Trying to the previous, I found that Robert-Houdin referred to most of his magic as ‘Experiments and or Innovations”. Granted, a lot of his gadgets had been innovations, so it match. However he additionally referred to card magic as tips. No doubt due to the handbook means wanted to current them. And the charming Johann Hofzinser has references to tips, carnival tips and extra. So the phrase has an extended historical past. However in Hofzinser's case the phrase is used sparingly and it is all the time joined with different phrases, like dexterity for instance.

would surmise that the phrase started once we within the magical arts had been often known as jogglers, or jugglers. I suppose all the things these jugglers did had been tips, tips of ability. Then over time the time period, conjurer and ultimately magician, changed jugglers…although juggler continued on, nevertheless it now had a extra particular that means, somebody who performed along with his balls…or one thing like that. (simply kidding, jugglers are skillfully unimaginable)

My level is, possibly it is time to rethink the phrase ‘trick’. I'm conscious that there's a enormous faction of the magic world that likes to downplay the entire concept of ‘magic’. In truth, they put nice emphasis on ‘tips’. Penn and Teller, are a advantageous instance. However I additionally word that they do not solely use the phrase trick, Penn has a big vocabulary. 

Take into consideration this for a second, the film The Status got here out and created three phrases, that I do not recall ever being a part of the magic lexicon. These three phrases had been: The Pledge, The Flip, The Status. I really like that, however these phrases appear a bit nineteenth century for todays world. I'm leaning in direction of the phrase ‘composition’.  It is definition: The motion of placing issues collectively; formation or building…..

additionally:  A piece of music, literature, or artwork..  BINGO!!! We current magical compositions. We may take different phrases from this space as nicely, a phrase like ‘set’ for instance. Musicians use it to the describe their collection of songs, thier set. Longer variations can be ‘live performance’. In fact, paired with magic, you then get magic set,,,,,,hmmmm?!  Maybe, ‘magical set’. 

Do mentalists use the phrase trick? No, they keep away from it. Escape Artists too, keep away from the phrase trick. Even illusionists check with their subsequent routine as their subsequent phantasm, or subsequent piece of magic, and so on.. However they not often use the phrase ‘trick’. 

The humorous factor is, I do not actually thoughts variations of the phrase, like trickster, or tough. However the phrase trick itself, simply bugs me. And possibly in the long run, it is simply me. Maybe everybody else is okay with it. What do you assume? Do you could have another you want? Please share, I am fairly curious to listen to different opinions. 



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