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Futurama Followers Are Sharing Cool Continuity Particulars They've Observed (14 Pics)


A part of the genius of exhibits like Futurama is the eye to element. The jokes, character improvement, and story developed a cult following over its 7 season run. The truth is, individuals love the present a lot that it’s even getting an official reboot with the unique solid.

Followers from throughout have been sharing their appreciation for the collection by posting jokes and callbacks from the present that basically show how good it's. Listed below are a few of their favourite examples of the present’s spot-on continuity.

1. A Callback To Fry’s Last Reply On Who Needs To Be A Millionaire

Fry misplaced who needs to be a millionaire by answering “B nail last reply” earlier than different solutions had been revealed. Then may be seen hammering a nail with a nail in a while.


2. Fry And Leela’s Cart From The First Season Appeared In Season 10

Deserted amusement park cart on the Moon.


3. Nibbler First Appeared In The Pilot Episode

Nibbler’s shadow seems in Futurama S1E1 “House Pilot 3000.” This foreshadows the season 4 episode “The Why of Fry” through which it's revealed Nibbler is the rationale why Fry was frozen.


4. Fry Made A Humorous Remark That Was Referred to as Again 46 Episodes Later

Fry’s girlfriends.

I’m going to leap in your prime remark in hopes that perhaps somebody will really see this. However along with this being continuity, it’s additionally foreshadowing. Leela says that it was only a radiator, so how might it present up at Fry’s funeral? As a result of it’s all a fever dream inside Leela’s coma.


5. The Professor’s Previous Crew From The Pilot Returned In Season 4

What occurred to your previous crew?


6. Two Phrases: The Smelloscpe

In S1E8 of Futurama, the professor hurriedly invents “The Smelloscope” throughout a symposium. It's later seen in season 2 episode 14 whereas the professor exhibits Cubert his innovations.


7. Bender S**ting Bricks Is Defined After Ten Seasons

Bender remains to be capable of s**t bricks, even after 10 seasons.


8. The Common Translator Defined

Futurama common translator S2 E10 then again in S9 E5


9. Leela’s Mutant DNA Talked about Earlier than It Was Revealed

The episode the place Bender spills all of the darkish matter on Pluto after which pretends to be a penguin was an early signal that Lela was human. The episode takes place lengthy earlier than the mutant stuff is available in. After Bender is shot within the head and resets the very first thing he sees is Lela. His programming says she’s human and reloads all his human programming.


10. An Previous Man’s Journey By means of Life Over 4 Seasons

Lastly, in any case these years, another person obtained behind him in line.


11. Callbacks To Bender’s Dream Of Being A People Singer

Within the 2nd episode of Futurama, Bender sadly mentions {that a} robotic must be loopy to need to be a people singer, implying that he needs to be one. Within the last season, Bender is offended that Fry has forgotten about his dream and is proven lastly pursuing it.


12. Two Seasons Earlier than They Have been Launched, Leela’s Dad and mom Appeared

Leela’s dad and mom may be seen in a crowd of mutants a full 2 seasons earlier than their official reveal.


13. After Six Seasons, The New Identify Of Uranus Appeared

Futurama planet reference over 6 seasons.


14. After 3 Seasons Bender’s Vandalism Stays

Bender’s vandalism stays after 3 seasons


h/t: Ranker



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