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I Am Legend's Brooklyn Bridge Scene Was A Multi-Million Greenback Ache To Shoot


When a modified virus meant to treatment most cancers mutates, it turns all of New York into blood-sucking vampire-like creatures. Only one immune individual, army virologist Robert Neville (Smith), is seemingly all that is still of the town. The terrifying early moments when the virus begins to mutate are revealed to us in a sequence of flashbacks.

Within the first flashback, we study that New York Metropolis is being quarantined, and Neville rushes by site visitors to get his household out of the town. We additionally meet the German Shepherd pet Sam, who will turn into Neville's lone confidant within the apocalyptic new world. Nevertheless it's the next flashbacks, after they attain the Brooklyn Bridge, the place issues escalate.

Because the Nevilles close to the evacuation level, the digital camera swoops as much as reveal the Brooklyn Bridge as we have by no means seen it earlier than. It's a horrifying scene as droves of individuals surge towards New York's East River in hopes of escaping the island earlier than a compulsory quarantine begins. In response to The Hollywood Reporter, the scene referred to as for 1,000 extras, 160 Nationwide Guard members, and a 250-person manufacturing group.

And that did not even account for getting ready the bridge itself.



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