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Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 8 Evaluation: Mercy


In a story as advanced as this season has aspired to weave, we have been sure to hit an hour like Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 8, the place odds and ends of varied threads are thrown collectively to maneuver the plot alongside.

On the one hand, we study quite a bit concerning the individuals immediately affected by our time-traveling heroes. Wells, Ramirez, and Adam Soong all of the sudden leap into three-dimensional character roundness.

However then again, with solely two episodes left within the season, do we actually must spend ten minutes role-playing a get-to-know-you-again {couples}’ belief train?

Wager you are not even positive which couple I am speaking about. There's simply THAT a lot occurring.

Raffi and Seven spend a part of their seek for Jurati (and restoration after they discover her) pushing one another's buttons.

Raffi's good-natured assumption that Seven can tune into her Borg self at any time when she likes to intuit the queen's intentions could also be correct, nevertheless it rubs Seven in all of the unsuitable methods.

Raffi: Wow. That is extremely spot-on.
Seven: Are you able to not? That I can entry her, it is not spectacular. Might you be rather less blissful that I am faulty?

Seven's retaliation about Raffi's manipulative nature then opens our trying-to-be-good Commander Musiker up concerning the depth of her guilt over Elron's dying.

It bears remembering that as superior as these ladies are collectively, they arrive to the desk with plenty of baggage and trauma. They're used to doing for themselves, and trusting one another might be a freaky form of prospect.

In the meantime, Guinan and Picard bond by means of shared nervousness as Agent Wells hammers them with accusations of being extraterrestrials in a less-than-glamorous FBI basement.

Being an extraterrestrial, Guinan may really be fearful about being dissected. Picard is extra involved that Wells might trigger the Europa mission to be scrapped.

Wells's fixation is a difficult impediment to beat. Even Guinan's glorious people-reading expertise do not faze him.

Guinan: Inform me, Agent Wells, what makes you the person for this job?
Wells: Consider me as only a good old style devoted civil servant.
Guinan: Work quite a bit. Do not sleep. Is available in all wrinkles along with your big mug of espresso. I am a bartender. I've seen your sort earlier than. That is private.

Curiously, her learn on Wells sounds quite a bit like a Fox Mulder profile from The X-Recordsdata.

I'm wondering if Wells additionally forgoes a mattress in favor of sleeping on his sofa. He would not seem like a well-rested investigator.

The truth that his childhood encounter with the Vulcan surveillance crew is the teaser scene right here signifies that Guinan's perception within the immutability of some moments in time is likely to be value contemplating.

It is a bit of a mind-twister, although. Wells is not sufficiently old to have been a Carbon Creek resident throughout T'Mir's crashed survey mission within the Nineteen Fifties, so his encounter with the (actually poorly hid) Vulcan crew is one more pre-First Contact first contact incident.

And because it occurred earlier than the time tampering Picard is at the moment making an attempt to repair, it will imply Wells in all probability spent his complete profession chasing proof of aliens within the timeline earlier than La Sirena returned to 2024.

Wells: Form of a waste of a life although.
Guinan: Perhaps not. My species, we imagine in an ebb and movement to issues. That our destinies run aside and collectively. And that point will not be what we predict it's. And that some moments are supposed to occur even at nice value. Maybe you needed to be that boy …
Wells: So I may very well be this man right here, letting you go? One thing to consider.

Moreover, Guinan's character growth is much more scrambled now.

Earlier than the time break, she and Picard would've met within the 1800s, and he or she would've fortunately bided her time by means of and previous 2024, figuring out they'd meet in a number of hundred years.

The time break precludes the adventures of “Time's Arrow,” and due to this fact, a part of her disenchantment with humanity in 2024 is that she has no beacon of hope.

Nevertheless, after her chat with Q, she's reminded of humanity's bizarre little quirks, and now she's in love with us once more. Whew.

Guinan: Q was speaking about you, however he was speaking about all of you. It is what's particular about people.
Picard: Yeah, our incapability to flee the previous.
Guinan: The other. When one thing inside you is damaged, it stays with you. You reside previously till you are capable of reconcile it, even when it is painful. You do the work since you wish to evolve. I nearly forgot how distinctive that's within the galaxy.

As I stated, quite a bit is occurring, and there's the hazard of many vital developments crowding out equally important reveals.

For instance, how on earth does a Q die?

After I first felt it, I believed to myself, ‘That is good. That is new.’ Infinite life, in any case, has its drawbacks. And so, I ready myself to be enveloped within the heat glow of which means. Now that second has but to return. Not even a glimmer. Dying stars burn brighter as they spin in direction of extinction. I, then again, appear to be merely disappearing into nothing.


John de Lancie by no means fails to ship his strains with the dramatic aptitude of Shakespearean tragedy. It is why Q feels omnipresent when one thinks of Star Trek: The Subsequent Era regardless of solely showing eight occasions in seven seasons. The actor fills his house after which some.

It should be enjoyable writing for the character figuring out that each syllable will land like a clap of thunder.

I am going to repeat right here my idea that we're nonetheless seeing Qs from two timelines, working at cross-purposes.

The Q who offers Kore along with her Freedom vial will not be the Q with whom Guinan speaks.

Kore: Who the hell are you?
Q: A pal. A firestarter. A simulacrum. A residing program, planted right here once I hacked into your father's system, ready so that you can seem at this very second. So near the solutions you search.

There's a 2024 Q who interferes with Renée Picard, propositions Adam Soong, and cures Kore. I believe he's the architect of his personal demise.

Then there's a twenty fourth C Wake-Up World Q who slaps Picard, witnesses the time soar, and spars with Guinan. He's the one paying for the shenanigans the previous units in movement.

The place does this go away Picard and his crew?

Nicely, as soon as he and Guinan are sprung, it is unimaginable how shortly they reunite with Raffi and Seven, get caught up, and make a plan to return to La Sirena.

They will in all probability be stunned to seek out Dr. Teresa and Ricardo Ramirez enjoying Completely happy Households with Rios and the replicator.

Of all of the disbelief I've suspended, this one is the restrict.

What doable goal might Rios take into account for transporting his little Twenty first-century household to France to tour his spaceship?

I get that we're meant to attract a parallel between Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Gillian Taylor from Star Trek IV: The Voyage House, however might we not be so completely ridiculous about it?

Taylor traveled again to the long run with the Enterprise to maintain the whales. What doable motive would Ramirez should uproot herself and her son and time journey to the twenty fourth century, abandoning everybody who depends upon her and her clinic?

None. Zip. Nada. Which might solely lead us to conclude that Rios will stay within the Twenty first century, in all probability getting deported by ICE on a semi-regular foundation.

It is a cute homage however a unnecessary complication to a reasonably full slate of plot twists.

My most important gripe with this providing is that there are three, probably 4, moments the place they might've rolled credit and known as it a satisfying reduce. As an example, the second Kore walks away from Soong.

However they only hold going. Once more, when Jurati appeared on the high of Soong's steps, I believed we have been performed. Nope.

Picard revealing his mission to Wells and asking for assist? It even had an appropriately climactic swell of music. It fooled me once more.

And unquestionably, watching Jurati assimilate a mercenary is a compelling second to finish on, however after so many fake-outs, I did not belief it to be the precise closing scene which lessened the influence significantly.

So what was your main takeaway from this smorgasbord of exposition?

Will the assimilated mercenaries handle to take La Sirena?

Will Adam Soong reach securing a legacy by disrupting the Europa mission?

The place did Kore go? She has no ID, no mates, no contacts with the surface world moreover a holographic gift-giving Q.

Hit our feedback along with your ideas and theories? The wilder, the higher. In any case, the tip is nigh.

Diana Keng is a employees author for TV Fanatic. Observe her on Twitter.



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