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“What's The Stupidest Factor You've got Ever Seen A Spiritual Individual Name ‘Satanic?'” (85 Solutions)


What's the very first thing that involves your thoughts once you hear the phrase “satanism”? Is it the band Rammstein? A bunch of black-clothed youths gathering on the cemetery on the daybreak of sunshine? Or perhaps it is a witch, throwing animals right into a pot to make a possession potion?

The Nineteen Eighties Satanic Panic noticed Christian fundamentalists push the concept evil cults have been systematically abusing youngsters in rituals and committing widespread homicide, and efficiently persuade most people via sensational information protection.

Whereas faith is usually a lovely factor, these Christian teams sometimes misrepresented the Church's beliefs and practices to be able to fabricate a real-world villain behind the conspiracy for the media. And we will nonetheless see leftovers from this time.

They're particularly evident in a latest Reddit put up the place the consumer Dreammare56 requested others, “What is the stupidest factor [you've] ever seen a spiritual particular person name ‘satanic’?”

From Coca-Cola to a microscope, listed below are among the most ridiculous solutions.

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)I knew this Christian woman that refused to eat deviled eggs.

Edit: my spouse stated her cousins weren't allowed to eat sweet on Halloween once they have been youngsters as a result of their mother did not need to rejoice the “devils birthday”.

whateva_iGuess , Rosalie Barley Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)“Godzilla” as a result of god's identify should not be used like that. Advised his youngsters there was a spelling error and it is really referred to as “Goodzilla”.

Odoacker Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)Rocks. I’m a rock hound, and gather rocks, gems, and stones. The hyperlink between crystals and spirituality has gotten me referred to as a satan worshipper…for liking rocks. I don’t even use them spiritually, I similar to shiny s**t.

VermicelliNo2422 , Renee Kiffin Report

Washer. Apparently if you happen to watched the swirling movement for too lengthy, you'd get hypnotized and the satan may enter your head. So be warned.

akireland9 Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)I bear in mind a girl saying she refused to eat mushrooms, they have been satanic as a result of they grew at the hours of darkness.

DickPin , Jesse Dodds Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)The identical trainer who taught abstinence solely sex-ED class took away my deck of Magic playing cards as a result of they have been satanic.

How am i supposed to maintain my virginity with out my Magic playing cards!?

1 pixelfixation , Klim Musalimov Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)A toothache. “The satan is making an attempt to enter my physique.” Was the quote. Initially i believed they have been making a bizarre joke. They have been critical.

RoniCorningstone , engin akyurt Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)Tampons.

I am not joking or mendacity. After I was a child, early 90's, there was a “God Botherer” protesting outdoors a Superdrug (UK Pharmacy chain) screaming concerning the Satanism of female hygiene merchandise corrupting ladies into sin. This God Botherer was a girl.

Bedlamcitylimit , Natracare Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)Again within the 90's my household had a house computer. We did not have a lot so this laptop was an enormous deal to my brothers and I. For college work and a few good quaint DOS video games. My dad managed to determine how one can get a display saver with sound onto the pc, was fairly happy with himself too. He failed to say this screensaver to my mom who's VERY spiritual.

So in the future I'm sitting in highschool and get referred to as to the principals workplace mid 2nd interval. Now I'm a darn close to straight A scholar, who did not get in hassle ever. So this is not one thing that has ever occurred to me. I get to the workplace, and I used to be informed my mom referred to as and was very very distraught and I wanted to go dwelling to be along with her. I hear the secretary telling one other workplace employees that she was shedding her thoughts, and some variations to that impact.

I rush dwelling to seek out the pastor from church, performing an exorcism on our laptop. My mom praying fervently via gasping sobs. The pastor and my mom prayed for someday, earlier than my dad got here dwelling. My dad will get dwelling mad he was referred to as dwelling then he simply begins laughing hysterically. Calls my mother a couple of variations of dumb, goes and wiggles the mouse to convey the pc up and performs the darth vader display saver he added to the pc. “Give in to your anger. With every passing second you make your self extra my servant” “I discover your lack of religion disturbing.” “You underestimate the ability of the Darkish Aspect. If you'll not combat, then you'll meet your future.” You realize all of the come to the darkside quotes. With an image of darth vaders face. In fact my mom could not get the pc to do it once more as a result of she stored messing with it, and it by no means went again to sleep mode. So after all her first thought was we had a evil satanic laptop possessed by the satan himself. The pastor simply quietly snuck out with me throughout my dads laughing and my mothers sobs.

Tahitisummer , Sincerely Media Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)Again within the 70s it was loads of silly: bar codes. The little image on Proctor & Gamble merchandise. Yoga and/or meditation. A lot of totally different music by totally different artists. My small city Christian non-public faculty had a specific trainer who was completely dying mad about his college students’ fondness for Michael Jackson, AC/DC, and different bands of the time.

The funniest certainly one of all was dancing. The joke round my (conservative Christian) faculty within the 80s was that intercourse was outlawed as a result of it may result in dancing… for some weird cause the administration thought dancing was completely evil.

SociallyAwkardTurtle , Markus Winkler Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)My dad would not let me watch something that had magic or monsters as a result of he thought it could let demons into the home. This included energy rangers, Ben 10, H20 simply add water, harry potter, scooby doo and extra.

Essentially the most ridiculous one was not letting me watch Jessie on Disney channel. This had no magic or monsters however he thought that the pet lizard one of many characters had represented the snake that deceived Eve into consuming the apple.

tobi310500 , Annie Spratt Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)A microscope. An acquaintance of mine referred to as a microscope a “reward from the satan” as a result of it makes individuals query the divine plan.

ArbutusPhD , Misael Moreno Report

I used to be perhaps 8 years previous at most. Evangelical church my mother and father pressured us to attend satisfied my household that the next have been satanic: Disney, dragons, music that wasn’t for God, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, all gaming consoles. Mainly something pleasant for a child.

My mother preceded to chop the tapes from our unique cassette Disney assortment. PlayStation was taken aside for the reason that chip had the quantity “666” engraved in it. (It didn't.) they tried driving over my gameboy with a truck and it didn’t break surprisingly. Then a girl from church flipped it open and he or she twisted it and bam there went my gameboy. Humorous factor is the next week each her youngsters received gameboys.

To this present day I’m nonetheless upset about that.

orangejuicyyyy Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)The Lord of the Rings works and The Chronicles of Narnia. Each Tolkien and Lewis have been religious Christians.

CartoonistExisting30 Report

An injured bat. The particular person I knew smashed the poor factor to loss of life as a result of it was “satanic.” F**king terrible.

TheFourthAble Report

I've a sunflower tattoo on my forearm, after I labored at ingles throughout faculty a person stated it “was of the satan” and that I “defiled the physique lovingly gifted by god” and god can be mad I disrespected his reward after I needed to return “his” physique after I returned to heaven.

enteirium Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)Darkish brown eyes. There was this batshit woman at my previous church who labored within the youth ministry. She accused my sister of satan worship saying that she had “shark eyes”.

Juxtra_ , Jose Castillo Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)For awhile I wasn't allowed to make use of the phrase “bizarre” as a result of it was related to witchcraft. Apparently as a result of Shakespeare wrote concerning the witches of “bizarre”.

daizers , Adrian Swancar Report

Frank Zappa's album “Jazz From Hell” was required to have an “Specific lyrics” sticker.

It's instrumental.

Talladega_Cucumber Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)Sporks.

I as soon as heard somebody say, “The spork is ‘the satan's utensil’ as a result of it's the amalgamation of the masculine fork and the female spoon and is making an attempt to blur gender traces in society.”

-eDgAR- , Dan Moyle Report

I've seen evangelicals name Mormons satanic. A number of referred to as the Pope the anti-Christ.

rosanymphae Report

Arduous rock.

My fool aunt thought that AC/DC stood for “Anti-Christ, Satan Little one.” F**kin’ fool.

She can also be essentially the most clearly in-the-closet particular person I've ever met in my life. I've a gaydar that hardly capabilities, however she's tremendous duper mega extremely homosexual. Maybe she'd have had a happier life if she'd spent much less time poring over “Balls to the Wall” prefer it was a Satanic verse and kissed a woman as a substitute.

hercarmstrong Report

My grandma purchased this cute bunny hat to put on. She loves hats as a result of her head will get chilly. This bunny ear hat was her favourite. She wore it to church and the pastor informed her it was a demonic hat, grabbed it from her head, and threw it into the trash (so I am informed, i wasn't there).

She got here dwelling with out her hat and was pissed. The church individuals came to visit to carry out an EXORCISM as a result of she was possessed by the satan.

I bear in mind going upstairs listening to a gaggle of church individuals signal hymns loudly whereas the pastor was forcing his hand on my grandma's head.

I used to be a child when this occurred and remembered feeling offended and confused. My mother informed me to go downstairs. I want these b***hes would come again and check out that very same shit. I will personally throw them out the home.

SilhouetteCommenter Report

So many issues, however this one’s my favourite. Prepared? Paleontologists. The concept is that the dinosaurs by no means really existed and paleontologists simply plant the fossils and bones to steer individuals away from “The Fact”. Clearly the work of the satan! Eek!

My eyes rolled thus far again in my head they nearly received caught.

Ambitious_Potato91 Report

Black hair ties have been banned at my buddies Christian faculty as a result of they have been the satan's color.

MyAntipodeanFriend Report

That canine who received deserted by his Christian house owners bc he was ‘homosexual’.

(He was then adopted by a lesbian couple)

CharBombshell Report

Being born in March. My father's mom informed my mother she was birthing the anti christ as a result of my sister was due in March. Simply so occurred to additionally fall round my aunt's wedding ceremony. Which might be why. Except for her hating my mom. Jokes on her. My mother and father have been married for nearly 30 years and are very glad.

lostintranslation199 Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)The peace image.

My HS biology trainer noticed me carrying one & defined the peace image.

It is a inverted cross… The perimeters have been bent down & away from God….

Vulgar-vagabond , Jon Tyson Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)“Masters of the Universe”. It was again within the 80’s. My loopy, excessive, spiritual aunt stated ,” it’s satanic! There's solely ONE grasp of the universe and it’s god!!!” 6 yo me rolled my eyes so onerous, I’m certain you can hear the noise it made.

Regular_Sample_5197 Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)F**king Howdy Kitty. Some spiritual f**ktards from my sister-in-law's household, took away all of the Howdy Kitty toys from my niece and burnt them as a result of… sigh… there's a demon within the sumerian mythology who, similar to the well-known cartoon cat, has no mouth, so Howdy Kitty is clearly daemonic.

V02D , Debs (ò‿ó)♪ Report

A buddies spouse as soon as received into some spiritual factor the place something of magnificence was satanic. Flowers, surroundings, something lovely. Devil was luring you with its magnificence.

gitarzan Report

My previous a** antisemitic neighbor who stored shouting that the synagogue down the block was devil's temple.

ExpertRaccoon Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)Oh man.

A paperback copy of Frankenstein's monster with an illustration of the monster on the entrance.

The expertise of feeling want for black males.



Supply: grew up in a fundamentalist Christian group rampant with ignorance and bigotry of every kind.

AccomplishedNet4235 , Anupam Mahapatra Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)My very spiritual aunt as soon as referred to Hooters as “devil's snack store”.

Her husband was a frequent customer and he or she discovered the receipts in his truck lol

momogirl200 , Phillip Pessar Report

My father was a Baptist pastor and had no difficulty with me enjoying D&D (3.5 on the time). When he married my step mom, she was a spiritual zealot and stored at my dad to cease me. Sooner or later I got here dwelling from faculty they usually have been each sitting in the lounge and had all my D&D books in a plastic bag, SM having satisfied my father they need to trash them. I challenged them saying, how may they know they have been dangerous. SM pulled out the gamers handbook and began studying the outline of the cleric spell Chant. “If two clerics of the identical faith are chanting, the bonuses are no matter (she did not know the phrase cumulative)”. I turned to my dad and stated, how will you say these are dangerous if you happen to do not even know what the phrases imply. He agreed and gave me my books again.
TL,DR: My step mom's restricted vocabulary saved my D&D books

YourMomKnowsMyName · Report

After I was a child, somebody stated I used to be a satan worshipper for carrying a D.A.R.E t shirt. Lots of people additionally tried telling my mother that I used to be doing medication due to the identical shirt. I used to be 11 and apparently lots of people did not perceive what D.A.R.E was about lmao

LiaLovesCookies Report

As soon as I heard a radio preacher happening about Barney, the purple dinosaur, calling him “Barney, the Purple Demon”. The identical man had it in for The Smurfs as effectively.

Big_Jesus_Trash_Can Report

I noticed an indication yesterday that referred to as fats individuals who eat excessively, satanic.

The man holding the signal was a minimum of 100lbs heavier than I'm, and I am 230lbs. Additionally, the signal did not make any sense to start with…

Killarogue Report

Scorching chocolate. “I don’t drink sizzling liquids of any form, that’s the devils temperature.”

PeppermintPhatty Report

Performing – your entire career.

Backwards satanic messages within the “Mr. Ed” theme tune.

Liberalism – all the things liberal is satanic.

I've heard all three.

1Eternallylost Report

My spouse's mom pulled her out of the carebears film when she was a child as a result of the bears have been casting satanic spells out of their stomachs. My spouse nonetheless holds a grudge.

BlumpKeto Report

Film theaters. My dad could not go to film theaters as a child, as a result of his mother and father are so obsessively spiritual.

whystudywhensleep Report

As soon as I had a classmate and he or she had a cartilage piercing. We had an meeting and this group of individuals with puppets got here and informed the story of easter, on the finish we have been strolling out and one of many individuals from the group walked over to my classmate and stated “what's that factor in your ear?” She stated its a cartilage piercing and the particular person from the group walked over to the place the group was packing their stuff and stated “She has positively received to have worshipped the satan. That disgusting ear piercing she's received.”

Yogurt2022 Report

"What's The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Seen A Religious Person Call 'Satanic?'" (85 Answers)The 80's nation music tune ‘Elvira’ by the Oak Ridge Boys.

They have been satisfied they have been singing ‘Hell Fireplace Up’ as a substitute of ‘Elvira’.

wildfan2k , en.wikipedia.org Report

After I was younger round 5-7 years previous my mother threw away a Hobgoblin toy as a result of Radio Imaginative and prescient Christiana stated to rid your own home of satanic pictures.

I bear in mind it as a result of it was the primary time my Mother lied to me as a result of she informed me she did not know what occurred to it.

TheDood715 Report

Star Trek. Largely, I believe, as a result of my racist uncle could not abdomen a black lady and an asian dude being useful members of a spaceship crew.

tiberius1965 Report

Frickin hell, skilled basketball…

Edit: for these asking, it has to do with the NBA supporting BLM. Though the vast majority of my church helps the aim of BLM, they don’t observe it due to the violence they’ve brought on in my city. Nevertheless, this loopy lady stated that BLM was the work of devil, and I simply assume she’s fully flawed.

TheCheesehead11 Report

My pal's mother lower the tail off his Nightcrawler motion determine trigger it was pointed just like the satan's tail. She did not respect the Medieval Spawn determine I gave him for his birthday after we have been 9, both.

Cthulhuhoop Report

The film Jumanji. Couldn’t watch it till I used to be like 12 as a result of my mother thought it was a couple of ouija board as a result of the items moved by themselves.

twfresh Report

One time my spouse’s cousin was watching Seinfeld. Their Grandma, bless her coronary heart, comes into the room, sees Seinfeld on the television and says, “Flip this off proper now. How may you watch this p**nography?!”

cliffdawg1 Report

I used to go to a Christian non-public faculty and I argued to all of my classmates that Korn was satanic. I hadn't heard any of their music or seen them, however somebody on the web stated it and that was legit sufficient for me. I nonetheless cringe.

RahDecagon Report

Each single child's present that wasn't VeggieTales. Fairly a couple of Pentecostal households I do know will solely permit their youngsters to observe that cartoon. Speak about indoctrination at a younger age.

zerbey Report

I've heard somebody say black individuals have been demons as a result of their pores and skin is burnt from being in hell so lengthy.

Call_MeChris Report

Loopy spiritual grandpa informed me I would go to hell for consuming a ham sandwich lmao

quantum_ice Report

I've an Aunt that has referred to as each election the one with Devil. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden all of them. She hasn't missed a beat since I have been sufficiently old to hearken to her. she has discovered everybody of them missing any “godlyness” in any respect. Each single election 12 months she says it is the tip of instances mark her phrases. What's silly is she simply strikes on to the following one with the prophecy is not fulfilled

uncareingbear Report

Doom, you actually kill evil demons and ship them again to hell to be able to save humanity. I used to argue about this quite a bit rising up in Catholic faculties and my academics weren't having it. Sarcastically I've heard it is a in style online game amongst monks.

SkimsIsMyName Report

Shorts. I had a pal who walked right into a church throughout summer season carrying shorts they usually kicked him out saying shorts on Sunday have been an abomination to God. What a joke.

alx924 Report

Birthdays. The Bible mentions a pair they usually ended badly. Therefore birthday's should be “satanic”… another reason to rejoice!!

Trucktard-1976 Report

Twisted Sister. Dee Snider is a really effectively spoken, attention-grabbing man. Devil has nothing to do with it.

Leading_Funny5802 Report



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