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‘King of the Hill’: Luanne’s Love Pursuits, Ranked

Zack (Voiced by Dax Shepard)

His Relationship Profile: A red-eyed stoner who works at Foto Phast and solely seems for a number of seconds in Season 5’s “Luanne Virgin 2.0”

How Lengthy They Dated For: Most likely just a few days

Their Not-So-Meet-Cute: It’s by no means revealed, however we do know that Zack and Luanne had intercourse.

How They Broke Up: When Luanne tries to make use of his worker low cost at Foto Phast, Zack calls her “Linda” and tells her their relationship is over. She runs out crying.

Rhett Van Der Graaf (Voiced by Owen Wilson

His Relationship Profile: A shy virgin who attends a Youth Abstinence Program on the Arlen church

How Lengthy They Dated For: A few week

Their Not-So-Meet-Cute: After Zack breaks up with Luanne, Hank discovers that she isn’t a virgin and takes Luanne to their pastor. The pastor recommends Luanne grow to be a “Born Once more Virgin” and be a part of the church’s Youth Abstinence Program. For ethical assist, Hank and Peggy attend the workshop as effectively, which is the place Hank meets Rhett Van Der Graaf. Afterward, when Hank sees Rhett on the bowling alley, he introduces her to Luanne.

How They Broke Up: With Rhett being a virgin and Luanne being a Born Once more Virgin, they each wish to wait to have intercourse till they get married, so that they rush into a marriage. Fortuitously, Luanne calls issues off earlier than making an enormous mistake. 

His Relationship Profile: A smooth-talking, self-proclaimed genius who works as a live performance promoter (or so he says)

How Lengthy They Dated For: A few weeks

Their Not-So-Meet-Cute: Luanne provides Rad a free haircut on the Arlen Magnificence Academy. He asks her out, and she or he excitedly says sure.

How They Broke Up: After Rad makes use of Luanne to throw a celebration at Boomhauer’s home whereas Boomhauer is away, they get into an argument and Luanne declares that Rad is not her boyfriend. Rad responds by saying they by no means have been collectively to start with. Nevertheless, within the aforementioned “Luanne Virgin 2.0” (aka the episode with Dax Shephard as Zack), we study that the 2 had intercourse and that she additionally had intercourse with “Rad’s ex-best buddy,” which could indicate he actually did have emotions for her.

His Relationship Profile: The “Hog King of Arlen.” As defined in Season Seven’s “Pigmalion,” Journey is “an entrepreneur, an innovator and an inventor answerable for ‘ediblizing’ two new elements of the pig.”

How Lengthy They Dated For: A number of months

Their Not-So-Meet-Cute: Peggy indicators Luanne up for a category on the Arlen Studying Annex the place Journey is talking. He instantly falls for Luanne resulting from her resemblance to the “Larsen Pork Merchandise Woman” created by his father. He then woos her along with his huge wealth and has her transfer in with him.

How They Broke Up: Over time, Journey turns into increasingly controlling. He even dyes Luanne’s hair pink just like the Larsen Pork Merchandise Woman and forces her to put on the identical garments because the mascot as effectively. By the top of the episode, Journey reveals himself to be fully psychotic when he corners Luanne in his pork-packing plant. She is saved, nevertheless, when he will get floor up into sausage.

Mark Buckley (Voiced by David Herman)

His Relationship Profile: A lazy, silly slacker who works at Mega Lo Mart, largely ignores Luanne and greater than earns Hank’s ire

How Lengthy They Dated For: For the primary two seasons of King of the Hill, till his premature loss of life

Their Not-So-Meet-Cute: We by no means study exactly when or how Luanne and Buckley met, but it surely was across the time the sequence started, as the connection was simply three weeks outdated in “Luanne’s Saga,” the fifth ever episode of the present.

How They Broke Up: Their rocky relationship ends on the conclusion of Season Two, when Buckley dies after the Mega Lo Mart explodes. The explosion was most probably attributable to Buckley himself, resulting from his irresponsible dealing with of the propane tanks. Buckley and Luanne are sorta reunited in Season Three’s “Wings of the Dope” when she meets his angel in a surprisingly candy episode.

Elroy “Fortunate” Kleinschmidt (Voiced by Tom Petty)

His Relationship Profile: A neighborhood redneck who befriends Kahn in Season Eight’s “The Redneck on Rainey Road.” He earned his nickname as a result of he “slipped on pee-pee on the Costco” and gained a judgment of $53,000.

How Lengthy They Dated For: The final 5 seasons of King of the Hill and presumably without end afterwards

Their Not-So-Meet-Cute: Whereas Fortunate first seems towards the top of Season Eight, he doesn’t meet Luanne till the center of Season 9’s “Care-Takin’ Care of Enterprise.” He catches her admiring the edges on his truck, they usually instantly turned inseparable.

How They Broke Up: They don’t. Regardless of being the laziest man in Arlen, Fortunate sweeps Luanne off her ft, very like that pee-pee spill on the Costco did to him. The couple will get married on the finish of Season 11 and have a child initially of Season 13. When the sequence concluded on the finish of that season, Luanne and Fortunate are nonetheless collectively and elevating their daughter — as fortunately of an ever after as Luanne was ever gonna get.


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