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Neurologists Affirm Nightmares Persist After Dying

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CAMBRIDGE, MA—Shedding new gentle on what occurs to people after they die, a research revealed Wednesday within the Journal Of Neurology discovered that the nightmares won't ever stop, not even in dying. “For many years, the consensus amongst scientists was that after life ended, the nightmares would finish too, however new information confirms we have been mistaken,” stated Harvard College neurologist and research co-author John Simmons, explaining that after dying, residual electro-chemical impulses may nonetheless be detected within the human mind, however solely within the parts of the amygdala and hippocampus liable for essentially the most painful, horrific, and humiliating goals. “Our analysis signifies that lengthy after dying—as our our bodies decompose and there's much less and fewer of us bodily—there stays behind a psychological consciousness that's truly fairly highly effective, although restricted solely to hallucinatory visions of terror as we relive essentially the most excruciating panic and torment our psyches endured in life. It seems, from a scientific perspective, that there isn't any escape.” Simmons added that the scenario was considerably completely different when a physique was cremated, observing that in these circumstances the mind merely registered a sensation of steady burning for all eternity.


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