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Cats Vs Crops: The Countless And Hilarious Battle Continues (21 Cat Memes And Snaps)

Dwelling the lifetime of a cat is absolutely exhausting, okay? Simply because from our perspective, cats do actually nothing however eat, pee, and sleep all day lengthy, that does not imply that that is the best way that they see it. In cats’ eyes, clearly, they dwell very troublesome lives. Why else would cats consistently be so displeased and grumpy. 

Smh, people do not perceive. Cats undergo so many struggles. Cats need to chatter at each hen that passes by our window, they've to try to very lazily catch each bug that crawls subsequent to them. They've to try – and fail – to catch mice. They've to ensure to wake their people up at the very same time each single day to remind them to not be late with breakfast, and if which means climbing proper onto their human's faces, then that is nice, nevertheless it's exhausting. So many issues of their lives are troublesome, however nothing – nothing is extra iconic than the battle that cats have with vegetation. See examples under. 


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