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Exhausted Redditor Asks Why Their Cat is Screaming: Pure Feline-Themed Hilarity Ensues

This week an exasperated cat proprietor needed to flip to Reddit and ask for assist, when their lovable little feline simply wouldn't cease meowing. Properly… perhaps meowing is placing it properly. It appears whereas this proprietor liked their cat to bits, the cat was so vocal that the Authentic Poster (OP) thought one thing was improper! 

“How do I educate my cat to cease screaming?” was the way in which that OP phrased it of their put up. “Ignoring him simply would not appear to be working, and I've taken him to the vets however they've stated nothing is improper with him,” they continued. I imply, I've had some fairly vocal cats earlier than, however this proprietor thought his cat was being so vocal, that one thing may even be improper! Fortunately, it wasn't. Looks like this cat simply likes to speak. However, that did not remedy OP's drawback: their cat nonetheless will not cease screaming! 

Some cats grow to be vocal when they need meals, or want their litter modified. I've heard of outside cats asking to be set free, and indoor cats meowing that they need the window shades open. However, since OP was being very thoughtful of their cat's setting, feelings, and well-being, they only couldn't work out why their furry little good friend would not cease screaming! 

So, as we stated, they reached out for recommendation, and so they obtained… properly they did not actually get any recommendation. Nearly each remark on this Reddit thread stated some variation of the identical factor, which you will see as you proceed studying under. It could not have been the recommendation they have been on the lookout for, however we're nonetheless hoping OP obtained some closure from the thread. Regardless, we all know you will all get amusing out of it, so test it out under! 


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