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Give Me The Tunas: 16 Pics And Vids Of Pawdorable Cats Demanding To Be Served The Best Fish Fillets (Or The Subsequent Greatest Factor)

Again in historic occasions, cats have been worshipped and revered as divine beings, given the perfect of the perfect meals, and pampered past evaluate. These days they're nonetheless doted on by hoomans, who reward their majestic coats and that incredibly floofy little feets. However for these frivolous felines, it's by no means sufficient, for they keep in mind the tales of their ancestors and know that hoomans can do higher.

And it's for that purpose that cats consistently stare at us with a glance of disappointment and even rage, figuring out of their hearts that they deserve higher and we are able to do higher, in any case, to them have been all simply strolling speaking tuna can openers who additionally double as backscratchers. So the subsequent time you see your cat providing you with that look or it meows uncontrollably for meals, keep in mind that it is actually your fault, not theirs, as a result of all cats are purrfect, and most people are less than cat requirements. 


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