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40 House owners Of A number of Pets Share The Dramas They Get To Witness

If you happen to’re a pet dad or mum, you understand how dramatic your little animal infants will be. They may push you off the sofa simply to stretch their legs, cry once you gained’t share your pizza or pee on the ground simply since you refuse to allow them to assault the vacuum. 

However when you might have a number of youngsters of the animal selection, they may not solely have beef with you, but in addition with one another. One curious Reddit person lately requested pet homeowners to element the drama that’s been happening between their furry, fluffy and feathery infants, and it seems that pets are simply as petty as us. Take pleasure in studying these juicy tales about animal siblings, and make sure you upvote those you'd prefer to see re-enacted on a cleaning soap opera!

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessMy flock of chickens could be very devoted to my rooster and obeys his each command—apart from one hen named Vicky. She doesn’t give a f**ok about him and solely needs to hang around with us people. She follows us round and is simply tremendous pleasant and cute and chatty, and naturally, we spoil her with scrumptious treats all day. After I weed the backyard she’s proper behind me, scratching up the soil like she’s serving to me lol and consuming all of the newly uncovered bugs. She’ll stroll as much as us, search for, and say “hmm-hmm?” like she’s asking, “What’s goin’ on?” The opposite hens are all the time by the rooster’s aspect, however she comes and goes as she pleases.

Rooster can’t stand it. He does all the things he can to get her consideration, like making the “I discovered meals” name and selecting up a random pebble to fake it’s a deal with he discovered. She found out this ruse in a short time.

If she begins to run towards us he’ll run forward of her, stand in her method, and stomp his little rooster toes. She simply runs previous him, lol.

He will get particularly mad when she’s late coming again to the coop on the finish of the day as a result of she’s hanging out with us, and he tries to herd her again over to it. She doesn’t give a F**Ok and simply sits on the porch with us, and all of us watch him run round screaming and having a match as a result of she doesn’t need to go to mattress but. It’s hilarious.

By some means she’s nonetheless like #2 within the pecking order tho, she’s an alpha rooster

Edit: right here is [Vicky](

And [here’s]( a blurry image of the rooster puffing up in rage as a result of I gave some corn to his spouse

toss_my_potatoes , toss_my_potatoes Report

No drama; however my cat was sick a number of weeks in the past and my wiener canine began to deliver him mouthfuls of cat meals and depart them in a bit pile subsequent to the cat.

Agreeable-Sea-5102 Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessNow we have two donkeys, Geriatric donkey and Chonky donkey. Chonky has separation nervousness and freaks if she will be able to't see Geriatric donkey. Geriatric donkey is simply too skinny and on a particular high-protein eating regimen. Chonky donkey is, nicely, chonky, and is on a eating regimen, which she hates (however is wanting significantly better).To maintain Chonky donkey out of Geriatric donkeys meals, I've to separate them. Now Chonky donkey is upset to be separated from Geriatric AND upset she will be able to't steal Geriatric's a lot yummier meals.

Upset donkeys are LOUD.

grainia99 , hermaion Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessMy geese are so dramatic about sharing their swimming pools. I've three geese and two swimming pools, one inexperienced, one pink. All three have determined the pink pool is their favourite and struggle over who will get to be in it. All of them three can match comfortably in a single pool, however they chase one another out and “struggle” about who will get to be the one one in there. It’s hilarious to look at. This spring, I’m shopping for new swimming pools. Three all pink ones lol.

Additionally they bully the wild birds and squirrels. And after they hear the neighborhood canines begin barking, they run to the again fence and begin quacking actually loud.

lime-y , Mike Chicken Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessNow we have a brand new foster canine who's afraid of the world and all the things in it. She's been cowering within the nook of the kitchen for days, however she's simply now getting courageous sufficient to start out popping out to solicit consideration. Our resident canine is jealous so she retains coming over to attempt to steal the eye. The foster canine loves the resident canine, and appears to get braver when she's round, in order that makes her extra keen to come back out. So resident canine's jealous is unintentionally feeding the bravery and socialization of the foster. (She would not understand it, however that is precisely what we had been hoping would occur.)

tah4349 , Andreas Schmolmueller Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessTwo cats and a hedgehog. The cats are in disbelief that the hedgehog not solely eats dry cat meals as her eating regimen (the audacity!) but in addition that she will get a warmth lamp they usually do not.
They're probably plotting a revolt.

Smithssoni , Liudmyla Denysiuk Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessI've a lady cat that does not get alongside together with her two youthful brothers (who're peas in a pod). They chase her and she or he runs and hisses, completely terrified.. We had been at our wits finish as a result of they are not violent kitties besides to her.

Then we began watching her habits extra carefully and seen how she would play with them when she did not suppose we had been watching. Sit by them, present her stomach, even groom them. As quickly as she seen we had been within the room she'd act like they attacked her, even when they hadn't performed something. Eye opening for certain.

dragonavicious , Pixabay Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessMy horses who're bffs bought a brand new buddy. Buddy likes each horses. Horse 1 likes buddy, horse 2 doesn't, so now unique two horses are in a tough patch of their friendship. Looks like a cliche challenge between highschool women.

baywchrome , Tomáš Malík Report

The three canines are actually arguing at one another to see who can sit by my toes whereas I am working. There's loads of room throughout me for all 3 of them. However all I am listening to is grumbling and groaning. My idiots, my loveable, cute idiots.

wyntr86 Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessMy cat has found my canines mattress, that he not often makes use of, is greater than hers. My canine has found she is utilizing his uncared for mattress and has now determined he MUST use it instantly when he sees her on it. He barks at her and boops her along with his nostril, she simply will get much more snug and appears at him as if to say “ya proper kiddo, you understand who's boss round right here!”

She is an 8 yr outdated hairless cat named Mew, and he's an nearly 2 yr outdated Dogue de Bordeaux named Wilfred. 🥰

sleepysphynx , kevin turcios Report

Frank (principally Rottweiler), Oscar (most likely yellow Lab/Corgi combine), Finn (one eyed Yorkie/Shi-Tzu combine) and Polly (Finn's two eyed sister) all MUST exit the again door at EXACTLY the identical time. They inevitably get caught within the doorway Three Stooges type and begin preventing.


StillN0tATony Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessMy orange cat alternates between seeing my Xolo as his greatest pal and engaging prey. I’ve seen them cuddle fortunately and play with toys collectively. I've additionally seen the cat get up, stretch, stroll over to the sleeping Xolo simply to smack him and calmly return to his sleeping spot. My German shepherd has found out the best way to take a chunk of her water and maintain it in her mouth. She is going to then discover the sleeping cat and dump the water on the cat. The cat understandably hates this. My German shepherd takes countless delight on this. I lately purchased an air tag for my keys as a result of my Xolo has all the time been a kleptomaniac and he has a brand new hiding spot I've but to search out.

Trex-Cant-Masturbate , EVG Kowalievska Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessMy canine stole the blueberry my conure was consuming so she fluffed up and head down charged at him and chased him across the room

Goose_Trick , David Clode Report

Just one cat, however I put a heating pad on his mattress since we preserve the home chilly, and now he is available in and glares at me till I flip it on.

cactusjackalope Report

Now we have only one chonky cat, however he creates sufficient drama to qualify for this submit. He was lately adopted and we’re now discovering that he’s afraid of socks, sports activities bras, tangerines and the sight of snowflakes outdoors. He usually tries to struggle the air that comes out of the hair-dryer and the vacuum cleaner.
Oh, he's additionally in deep denial about his chonkiness and infrequently will get caught, then meows all outraged as if it was our fault that his fats butt can’t transfer 😂❤️

Enejka Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessTwo cats. Our older one likes to put immediately beside the automated water fountain, guarding the “watering gap” like a predator mendacity in wait. Then our different cat comes up and desires to drink, however she will not let him. So he simply licks the highest of her head till she strikes sufficient for him to get water.

Yup, excessive drama, can be promoting the film rights later this yr.

tjblang , Syed Ali Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessCertainly one of my cats wished a chunk of premium canned tuna, after which his sister got here and b***h slapped him, presumably as a result of he wouldn’t cease yelling. Now he's sulking on his personal within the nook and wouldn’t even have a look at us.

MrMobster , Angelo Martucci Report

Not mine, however my sister has 2 huskies and her oldest has a cat. The huskies love all dwelling creatures and have the brains of huskies. Subsequently they're consistently excited making an attempt to get the cat to play.

You understand what sort of creatures do not like clumsy ever-caffeinated goofballs 20 occasions their dimension, cats. The huskies merely do not perceive why the cat would not play and it breaks their derpy little hearts. This has been happening for two years.

an_agreeing_dothraki Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessTwo of our cats have an odd state of affairs with their allogrooming.

One cat, the elder, has a traditional cat tongue. Not clean, however not painful. She'll groom the youthful cat at any time when they're feeling affectionate sufficient to not struggle one another for house on a mattress, window, and so on.

The youthful cat has a set of small, freshly sharpened knives for a tongue. As soon as the elder cat is completed grooming her, she'll rise up and attempt to reciprocate. Besides, if we let her groom the older cat for greater than a minute, she finally ends up with one of many elder cat's claws protruding of her brow.

The youthful cat, after all, has no thought why this retains occurring, and thus retains making an attempt to supply return-grooming companies, to the identical outcomes, each time.

So we'll be watching TV or going to sleep, and rapidly we'll hear the *Schliiip, schliip* of the youthful cat's ridiculously sharp tongue grating towards the older cat. Now we have to hurry into no matter room they're in (and it's loud sufficient to be heard in different rooms) and separate them earlier than it goes on too lengthy.

LouisCaravan , Fuu J Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessThere’s a primary comfortable spot that considered one of my cats likes to sleep in and the opposite sits there simply so she will be able to’t. I swear she even has a smug look on her face whereas doing it.

OldLondon , Alena Koval Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessNow we have a Pigeon thats half blind and might't fly that began utilizing our tortoise's terrarium as its home in winter.

Issues started once we began letting our tortoises outdoors in summer season since they might randomly meet within it and the pigeon would panic.

Now he has discovered that the tortoises are innocent so now they simply chill

Edit: Okay this bought method an excessive amount of consideration I used to be anticipating, I'll go searching to see if I've some footage round, regardless of the pigeon being with us for nearly like 2 years, he is nonetheless petrified of us so taking shut footage of him or him contained in the terrarium makes it go buckwild so we actually do not attempt to take pics in any respect however I must verify my archives.

As for the entire social animal points, don't fret, we now have an enclosed 4-walled yard so the pigeon goes out and chills with different pigeons and birds all through the day so it will get to do socials and not using a fear.

Edit 2: Did not discover a pic of the entire household collectively however a pic of the pigeon contained in the terrarium chilling simply to show it is actual. It is a bit low for a pigeon however take into account it may't fly, goes in by itself will and is free for the remainder of the day besides the evening.

NoLoveWeebWeb , Christian Hernandez Report

My dad and mom have a number of cats. One was very outdated and in poor health and she or he was confined to their bed room ( I say confined however she had luxurious heated cat beds, a wall mounted cat climbing body, 1000 toys and my dad and mom spent plenty of time together with her so she wasn't lonely.) Additionally they have a number of different cats who roam the home freely. Nicely sadly the outdated kitty handed away a number of weeks ago- broke everybody's hearts. However now that room is open and the opposite cats are all jockeying for posession of stated room- and who will get to sleep on my dad and mom mattress with them now. My poor parents- they're so exhausted from the all evening cat wars raging on high of them.

BlueDaisyCat Report

Probably not between pets. However my spouse’s cat died. Cat slept on her chest each evening. After a couple of month of grieving, she wished a brand new cat to cuddle. Obtained a tiny little feminine kitten. The kitten needs completely nothing to do with my spouse, however is head-over-heels in love with my male cat, they actually eat collectively, sleep in a ball collectively, and play collectively. My spouse is extremely jealous

StoryProfessional593 Report

I've a six pound calico b***h of a cat. She is going to chase my 80 pound gs/Rottweiler combine and my 85 pound combine on her again legs like a freaky ninja cat. She will not allow them to down the steps… it is humiliating.

Queen_of_the_Realm Report

My cat wasnear a vent and meowed after I picked her up.

Now the neighbors canine goes nuts they usually scream at one another by means of it

Sylar299 Report

I've an Airedale terrier, 4 geese, 50 chickens, and 6 goats. The chickens ought to have their very own cleaning soap opera. One of the vital attention-grabbing conflicts is with Tim Allen, who's considered one of my hens who was born with a deformity known as scissor beak. Principally it is tougher for her to eat, preen, and so on, as a result of her beak is not lined up appropriately, however she nonetheless manages. She's turn out to be my little buddy due to the assistance she wants, and she or he has her personal part of the rooster run to eat with out being bothered.

Tim has the largest balls out of all of my hens. If one other hen a lot as seems by means of the fence at her (and bear in mind, I've 50 birds, so it occurs on a regular basis), she'll cost it and act all powerful. As a result of she's behind a fence. After I put her again within the run after she is completed consuming, she tries to be greatest pals with everybody and a lot of the birds stroll away. She'll attempt to share a mud tub: rejected. Group preening occurring? Rejected. It is like she's two completely different birds relying on which part of the run she's in. That or she's provide you with completely different “guidelines” in her head based mostly off of the place she is on the time. Both method, it is hilarious.

Don't be concerned, she is not lonely. She spends greater than sufficient time together with her human, and she or he additionally has a rag-tag group of misfits that have a tendency to just accept her, even when she's being a d**ok. Chickens are so humorous and will be very affectionate. In case you have the room in your yard and in your coronary heart, get some! Plus, recent eggs are the bomb.

Edit: Formatting and here is an image of [Tim Allen]( in all of her magnificence and knowledge. This magnificence brings a smile to my face each day!

Asclepius333 Report

I've a 6.5 foot sofa. This isn't enough for my two cats to be on on the identical time as a result of they're too shut to one another.

EmperorXerro Report

My one cat is aware of the best way to open the pantry whereas the opposite cat waits behind to get the products.

Skylizard1223 Report

It is vitally chilly right here, so the chickens have been introduced inside right into a luxurious arrange within the basement. The cats are most upset that they can't go within the coop with the chickens. The herding canine is thrilled her flock is contained in the home, and she or he is aggravated that the cats preserve waking her up.

meatloafingcat Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessThe fixed drama at our place is our fats cat is all the time making an attempt to steal the little cat’s meals. He gained’t even end his personal meals earlier than he’s making an attempt to nab hers, regardless that they’re fed in separate rooms. Somebody must be on fixed watch whereas they’re consuming, or else she gained’t get something, poor factor.

obscureclouds711 , Seven Tune Report

We lately bought a kitten (juvenile now). He and the canine (a Brittany) wrestle and it sounds terrible however they each find it irresistible. Then they‘ll snuggle on the sofa and the cat will proceed to suckle on the canine’s teat, which she is completely positive with. It creeps my husband out. So I assume the drama is with him lol

whateverislovely Report

I've a snake and a cat. They get alongside, and I swear they're all the time plotting her escape from her terrium. Each time I stroll within the room, they appear responsible and are shoving their faces towards the glass towards one another, sharing secrets and techniques.

LadyConservation Report

40 Owners Of Multiple Pets Share The Dramas They Get To WitnessMy runt Jack Russell (Lil Bit; 5 lbs) stole my miniature pinscher's (Barli; 15 lbs) favourite toy and refuses to provide it again. She will not play with it except Barli is wanting immediately at her however will get tremendous spiteful if Barli tries to grab it again. I've given it again to Barli a number of occasions however Lil Bit finds a technique to get it once more.

Observe: Lil Bit has an nearly similar toy simply in a special coloration.

KuriKoi , Valeriia Harbuz Report

My rabbit and hamster had a quick feud happening. The rabbit would stomp and wake the hamster up, then the hamster would chew the bars, which in flip irritated the rabbit who would stomp much more.

Alcopath Report

The thriller struggle. I've 4 cats. Two are older males, two are five-year-old females. Normally, everybody will get alongside swimmingly. Final weekend, I hear about bunch of thumping and a few growls upstairs, and I am going up, and there are blood spatters on the hallway flooring. I begin checking everybody. Bear is below the mattress growling. He is a giant fluffy cream-colored boy, and I verify him completely; no blood to be seen. I verify the lady cat most probably to start out some s**t: no blood wherever. I verify the opposite two, who're pacifists–nada. I do not know who made anybody bleed, however there was some. That is a primary. Nothing since.

alert_armidiglet Report

Three cats. The 2 ginger boys hate one another and the feminine simply hates all the things besides stomach rubs

xX_FoolishFire_Xx Report

It is ongoing drama. Obtained my canine in January of final yr & anytime she does zoomies, my cat runs up on her to yell & bap her, normally on her aspect. She simply stops, as a result of she's so confused. I've a pet ramp that has a hidey gap on the aspect, someday my cat will chase my canine in there if her zoomies are too zoomy.

owleealeckza Report

My 2 tiny outdated woman canines terrorize my youthful, massive canine. One is simply outdated and cranky. Certainly one of them is playful and likes to scare him and watch him scramble. I swear she is aware of he's nervous and might't grip the kitchen flooring. She waits in a doorway, then scares him with a bark in his face when he walks in, and I swear she is standing there, laughing at him, falling throughout himself. I even have a cat that can smack the massive canine if he barks an excessive amount of. He's such a giant dumb child that each animal pushes him round.

worsham510 Report

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