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Fangtastic Feline Felons:16 Pics And Vids Of The Most Infamous Cat Burglars Of This Century

Residence to Meow Metropolis's roughest and hardest criminals, Meowkers Jail is located on an island off the shore of the town, immediately dealing with the illustrious Fur Child Museum that so most of the jail's many cat burglars have tried, and failed, to rob. Whereas this wasn't deliberate, it positively contributes to why the kitty convicts of Meowkers are a number of the most miffed meow meows within the jail system.

That is very true for the cat burglars, of which Meowkers boasts a number of the most infamous thieves in the entire of Meowlandia! For example, the wild west bandit generally known as The Cowboy Kitten, who in some way managed to steal a whole city out west, sewers and all, stays in solitary, the place he is been since his first day in Meowkers, for stealing the warden's hat.

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