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‘I gave my ex-fiancé again the ring’: Welder destroys engagement ring after discovering her fiancé was dishonest – FAIL Weblog

By no means cheat on a welder!  That is what this girl's ex-fiancé discovered after she found that he had been dishonest on her with considered one of his exes. In actual fact, that ex ended up turning into associates and roommates with the Redditor, however that is a distinct tangent. Shared bonding, I assume. Anyway, this girl shared on Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit that after calling off her engagement, her ex-fiancé wouldn't cease whining about wanting his $190 Amazon-purchased engagement ring again.


After his incessant nagging, she lastly determined to return her engagement ring, however with a little bit of a shock. She welded a dice, dropped the engagement ring inside it, and sealed it shut. Now, her ex-fiancé has the ring however he is unable to get it out. Apparently, he has been fretting about this reality nonetheless to today, ten years later. Hold scrolling under for the total play-by-play. For extra, try this submit in regards to the high petty tales of the week!


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