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22 of the Saddest Scenes in Film Historical past


It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re Mr. Glass ranges of weak and fragile or glass occurs to be one among your favourite meals, a film has made you cry. You had been a baby as soon as, and a weird variety of youngsters’s movies inflict the type of emotional devastation that might warrant CPS involvement for those who simply described it to a baby. Or possibly you’re a fan of Oscar bait — a movie that spins a roulette wheel to meet a cinematic mixture of demisedespair and atrocity.

Solely a trusted therapist or honest-to-goodness harvester of sorrow would ask you to relive such cinematic agony, so Redditor CallyB0225 should be accumulating web tears. They requested r/AskReddit, “What's the saddest film scene ever?” and Reddit recalled its childhood trauma, grownup heartbreak and one very notorious bee allergy.

The Land Earlier than Time

The Lion King

Iron Big

The Shawshank Redemption

The Fox and the Hound


Marley & Me

Schindler’s Record





Harry Potter and the Goblet of Hearth

Metal Magnolias

Love Really

Huge Fish

Brokeback Mountain

Inside Out

The NeverEnding Story

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Manchester by the Sea

My Woman



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