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Hidden Coin On Cuphead DLC Island IV: Secret Passage Information

The brand new island launched in Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course has a secret passage that may be accessed immediately, and there is a coin on the finish.

There are a number of secrets and techniques to uncover in Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course, together with a hidden coin that may be collected as quickly as gamers get to the brand new island. Gathering cash will permit gamers to unlock the new weapons and charms accessible in Porkrind's Emporium. A couple of of the brand new gadgets which are accessible work properly towards the bosses on Island IV, so it is advisable gamers seize the world's hidden coin immediately.

Together with the hidden coin, gamers can rapidly declare three extra as quickly as they begin their journey on Island IV. Within the city sq., there's an NPC holding a newspaper. This Cuphead character, impressed by basic cartoons, is standing beside the cart that presents a tutorial for Ms. Chalice. Chatting with this NPC will robotically award gamers three cash, which can be utilized to buy among the new gadgets. Nonetheless, for costlier gear, gamers could must seize the hidden coin as properly.


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The hidden coin on Island IV is on the finish of a secret path that leads behind the bakery. From the city sq., gamers can go throughout the stone bridge and to the left the place the Porkrind Emporium is. In between the store and the podiums the place the three climbers stand, there is a slim path that results in the hidden coin. Gamers can go behind the bushes and maintain following the trail till reaching the hidden coin on the finish. Claiming 4 free cash immediately will permit gamers to buy a number of of the brand new gadgets accessible within the store.

Finest New Weapons & Charms To Purchase In Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course

Hidden Coin On Cuphead DLC Island IV Secret Passage Guide Coin Location

After amassing all of the free cash on Island IV, gamers can go to Porkrind's Emporium to unlock a brand new weapon or appeal. The brand new weapons accessible are Converge, Crackshot, and Twist Up. Every of those weapons range in harm dealt and the hearth otherwise, so it may be tough to determine which one to purchase. Moreover, the Coronary heart Ring and Damaged Relic charms will also be bought from the Porkrind Emporium.

Though every weapon has its benefits, the perfect new weapon is Converge. This gun fires throughout the whole display screen in three strains, so it is nice for clearing out a number of enemies directly. Utilizing the goal button additionally narrows the space between the three pictures so gamers can focus their harm and defeat every boss in Cuphead. Alternatively, gamers should purchase Crackshot or Twist Up, however they seem to be a bit more difficult to make use of. Crackshot shoots damaged projectiles that cowl an excellent portion of the display screen, but it surely's a weak weapon. Twist Up does an honest quantity of harm, but it surely's very tough to use precisely and it solely shoots upward. Converge combines the talents of the opposite two weapons, so it is the most suitable choice for buying a brand new weapon.

The Coronary heart Ring appeal is nice for gamers which are good at parrying as a result of it grants a further well being level on the primary, third, and sixth profitable parry throughout a combat. Nonetheless, if gamers need to use Ms. Chalice, the Astral Cookie appeal must be geared up, so Coronary heart Ring cannot be used with that individual character. Though the outline is imprecise, the Damaged Relic appeal can truly be used to unlock a secret boss. As a way to clear up the tombstone puzzle in Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course, the Damaged Relic appeal must be geared up, and gamers might want to use clues given by the climbers close to the Porkrind Emporium. Fixing the puzzle unlocks a secret boss combat, so shopping for the Damaged Relic utilizing the hidden coin is a greater buy than getting the Coronary heart Ring appeal.

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Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course is obtainable for PC, Nintendo Change, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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