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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Marries Longtime Hallucination Of Attractive House Babe

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LOS ANGELES—In a small, personal ceremony held in probably the most severely atrophied reaches of his thoughts, Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin celebrated his 93rd birthday final week by marrying his longtime hallucination of a horny area babe. “The primary time I laid eyes on her she was posing all attractive in an area bikini proper outdoors a window of the lunar module, and from that second on, I simply couldn’t resist,” stated the second man to stroll on the moon, describing his new area spouse’s moon-dappled complexion, her silver-streaked hair just like the tail of a comet, and her eight humongous breasts. “Let’s simply say we used to kick up a bit of moondust occasionally down in these craters, if you happen to catch my drift. She’s 63,000 years outdated, however I’ll be damned if she appears to be like a day over 18. I’m a reasonably conventional man, so earlier than asking for her hand in marriage, I traveled to the Andromeda galaxy to hunt the permission of her father, Emperor Kron the Cruel, who's the everlasting ruler of a star cluster out that method.” Aldrin went on to explain how, within the a long time since they first met, his scorching area girl had transcended her corporeal kind and now principally floated over his shoulder telling him to punch individuals within the face.


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